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10 Sources Of Power To Help You Get What You Want – Part 3

Know What You Want

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…And know that what you think about comes about – where you are in your mind, you are there in the present.

The limitless possibilities of what is available to you is beyond our understanding.  How you talk to yourself in your affirmations and just general small talk is very important right now.  Think of words like “or better”, “or more”, “at least”.  Do not settle for what you know is available right now.  Think of what could be available to you if you were to set your mind to it.  So when you affirm to yourself “I am now driving my aqua/teal Bugatti with matching interior or better”; or “I am now earning $100,000 or more each month without being actively involved” or “I am speaking at my engagement and there are at least 500 people in attendance.”  The abundance of the Universe is open to you and it is has no beginning and no end.  The only restriction it has is what your mind places upon it.

Source of Power Number 7

Be on the lookout for good things coming to you.

Expect what is yours to have.  Expect the miracles of life.  Expect gifts from people.  Expect the magic that happens.  Expect to be happy.  Expect to have more than enough love in your life.  Expect to have an abundance of everything.  Expect your life to change NOW.

Be grateful for what you have now.  Be grateful for what is coming.  Be grateful for how you are feeling.  Be grateful for every single thing that you have in your life, no matter how teensy weensy it is or how huge it is.  Be grateful for it. The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you are opening yourself up… Click here to read Part 4 of 10 Sources Of Power To Help You Get What You Want

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