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How To Get 1000 Hits A Month To My Blog

Doc Stone discussing ways to obtain as many as 1000 hits a month for every wordpress post I make and he proved it.

He showed us how to use one tool in Webfire backed it up with the Google External Keyword tool and then proved his figures.  Then he showed us a plan that if followed will net me at least 52000 hits a year to my site.

And ITS ALL free organic targeted traffic.

I learned where to use my keyword in title, first sentence and at least twice in my article with a link to my sales page at the bottom.

Last week we downloaded the All In One SEO Pack and he showed us how to fill that in correctly.

If that wasn’t enough he then showed me how to track the traffic to my website using Google Analytics which is free.  I’m so excited because I now can track my traffic on how to get 1000 hits a month to my blog and other posts and pages I make from now on.
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