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Flip Video Review Of Our Trip To Blenheim

This weekend we stayed at the Middle Park Motel at 138 Middle Renwick Road in Blenheim while we were down visiting our grandson who is going to be 18 in a few weeks.  Granddad likes to get the grandchildren cars of their own and so we got him a lovely little Toyota Corolla for him to run around on.  He was very surprised when Granddad tapped him on the shoulder saying “I have a delivery!” – he was in the middle of a video game with earphones on and therefore was not aware that we were talking to his Dad behind him for several minutes prior.   He had great delight in chauffeuring us around Blenheim showing us where he works, and visiting his other grandparents with the day ending with us taking he and his girlfriend out to dinner at a local restaurant.

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