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Training & Development

A lot of training & development today – really knuckled down so I can have a day off tomorrow doing something for my family who is on his way (Yes, I am to be a great grandmother in a couple of months – the next generation has started!  I am very excited about it too.)

This giant Bobcat machine interrupted my concentration and provided a much needed break during the day.  He was clearing land next door so that the horses can get around better and also to make it tidier I guess.

150 size for doc stoneToday Doc Stone talked a lot about listbuilding using TrafficZipper to help us manage our safelists when we have more than 3 that we have to look after.  When we sign up to these safelist sites, we are agreeing to receive emails from them which I didn’t realise before.  I thought that they were just a bunch of nuisance emails to be deleted or unsubscribed from.  However, Doc Stone put me right this morning.  When I get an email from a safelist I need to click on it and view the site they are advertising so that I can get credits to send out my own emails.  Who would have thought that?  And if I build up to 100,000 credits that then enables me to send 100,000 emails. They are a necessary animal in the internet marketing world.  You need 2 email addresses – preferably both gmail.com addresses. One of them is going to be for all the emails to come in.  And if I am signed up to lots of safelists then I will need a manager which is Traffic Zipper. And you have to whitelist the safe list addresses so that your email will accept them all.  They are the easiest thing to do and the best kind of marketing to start out with. He also advised to buy the lifetime upgrades as the best way to go because then you don’t have a recurring cost on your credit card every month.   Plus always be reinvesting into our businesses by spending the $99 or whatever it is for 1 million credits so that we never run out of credits for sending out our own emails.  A very interesting learning curve today – thank you Doc Stone.
Janet Legere 150 sizeTraining with Janet and Don Legere was extensive today. First was Permission Based Marketing on Facebook taking us through the process using a script that was designed by Janet.  And if you want to know what permission based marketing is all about, then it means that you are going to ask a person their permission before you start sharing your business with them.  She showed us how to locate new friends on our Facebook site and invite them to request information about our business so that we could send what we had to them without fear of being rejected for spamming.  After the lesson I sent off a few emails to people in their private message boxes and within an hour I had 7 affirmative replies so that made me happy.  One person even Skyped me from Nevada and now I have a friend over there who is interested in being my business friend.

Next I watched a webinar on Branding myself which is very important if you are a serious internet marketer.  People have got to know who you are if you want to Janet Legere 150 size

make money using this medium.  First of all, Don stressed that we need to love who we are before we can expect anyone else to love us and to seek us out.  We have to get all negativity out of our heads so that we can get on with the job in hand.  In order to brand ourselves we need to have a domain name that expresses who we are, e.g. using our own names if they are not already being used.  If your name is being used by someone else (let’s face it, there are millions of people on the earth and several with  my name as well and yours if you look!)  you can use some catchy phrase before or after your name like I had to with my domain name here.  Someone was using DebbieNicholson already and therefore Janet gave me a clue as to what to look for and between us we came up with whoisdebbienicholson.com and I also got workingwithdebbienicholson.com while I was at it.  What is branding you may ask?  Well it’s a site about me, a place where people can get to know about me; a place where I can share my inner passions; a place where I am me so that those who come to my site may grow to know, like, and trust me.  My passion is writing books therefore I could put heaps of stuff on about my books if I wanted.  Instead, I have chosen topics that interest me because I am finding that blogging is just like writing little books every day so I am very happy with this site.Janet Legere 150 size

I then went into a webinar that taught me how to create my lead capture page which is also important for building a list.  Our primary focus when being an internet marketer is to build one’s list constantly and then to look after and nurture your people who fast become friends over the years.  You send them regular emails to let them know what you are up to, what products you are promoting, and what your own personal progress is online.  And people do watch you.  They come to internet marketing thinking I want to make it on here, however, all around them they have doubters as to whether it will happen.  You just have to remember that it doesn’t happen overnight.  There is much training to be done.  There is much learning and understanding what you are doing.  Paying attention to your tutors who are well worth the money you spend on their time and their patience will soon help you lift yourself to a level whereby a regular amount of money is coming into your account every month and eventually you can say to the doubters, I have made it and look at the life style we can now lead because I persevered.  As with any business, it may take weeks, months, or even a couple of years.   Just have patience.  Build your business as you would if you had an offline one.  Remember that getting customers and keeping them is your first priority. We ended the day with an excerpt from a Stephen Covey video about Being Proactive.
More learning for the next 3 steps our next working day, so keep watching this spot.Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store