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Cupcakes Decoration

Cupcakes Decoration
Zelda Dahya
Phone 021 164 6606

Today I visited Zelda Dahya’s Cupcake Shop in the Lindale complex off State Highway 1 in Paraparaumu on the Kapiti Coast.  She makes


 yummy cupcakes of all flavours and sizes as well as has a beautiful range of gift cakes with absolutely eye-appealing and mouth-watering decorations of whatever you want.  Zelda has a great personality and is there to help you with your choice and to give you great service whenever you pop in.  cupcakeHer opening hours are from 10am to 2pm, however, she is often there after hours as well.  I recommend you phone her for any order that you might like to ask her about for your own special event.  And if she has her arms full of baking dough, or is in the middle of filling an icing bag with that delicious icing, then you might have to leave her a Zeldas cupcakesmessage and she will have to ring you back.  You will love her as she is so easy to get along with and so flexible. Cupcakes decoration is so much fun at Zelda Dahya’s Cupcake Shop.

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