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Review of Santa Regina – Strait Shipping

Review of Santa Regina – Strait Shipping

Santa Regina

On Saturday we left Wellington for Picton sailing calm seas the entire journey.  My darling, Keith works for the company and therefore we were privileged to eat meals with Captain John Davies and on the return trip on Sunday with Captain Sean Rowe. When you click on the following link you will see Keith driving a tug towing a B-Train Trailer onto the ship. Why Strait Shipping.


Let me relate to you some facts about the Santa Regina.

She sails between Wellington and Picton twice a day at a service speed of 18 knots sporting aboard two Pielstick diesel engines, two bow thrusters and Denny Brown stabilisers.  She weighs 14588 ton with provision to park 30 big B-Train trailers and 50 to 70 cars depending on the size of the vehicle that is booked to come aboard.  Every type of freight is carried from livestock to breakbulk or overdimensional loads.  Santa Regina was built by Ateliers et Chantiers in Le Havre France in 1985 and has been in service in New Zealand since 2003. Her overall length is 137 metres with six metres being below the waterline. The company is privately owned by  Jim Barker from Otorohanga along with 3 other shareholders.

HeReception and entrancere’s a picture of the reception desk on board ship.

Terminal Picton

                                         Here’s the terminal in Picton

I took heaps of videos of what happens as well as what is on the ship, far too many for this site, needless to say – it is a very good shipping company with friendly staff, great service, and fabulous food which I recommend highly to anyone wishing to travel between our two islands.  The cabins are comfy with clean linen and are quiet allowing the drivers of the trucks to sleep in peace during the trip.  Sometimes you can see dolphins alongside which is a playful scene to observe.

Jim Barker should deservedly feel very proud of his fleet of ships that have provided a competitive service to the Interislander, the other shipping line in this country since 1992. Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store

Flip Video Review Of Our Trip To Blenheim

This weekend we stayed at the Middle Park Motel at 138 Middle Renwick Road in Blenheim while we were down visiting our grandson who is going to be 18 in a few weeks.  Granddad likes to get the grandchildren cars of their own and so we got him a lovely little Toyota Corolla for him to run around on.  He was very surprised when Granddad tapped him on the shoulder saying “I have a delivery!” – he was in the middle of a video game with earphones on and therefore was not aware that we were talking to his Dad behind him for several minutes prior.   He had great delight in chauffeuring us around Blenheim showing us where he works, and visiting his other grandparents with the day ending with us taking he and his girlfriend out to dinner at a local restaurant.

welcome to BlenheimBlenheim

Ollie CarMiddle Park Motel Blenheim

Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store

Rippln – Mobile Network Applications – The New Buzz

Rippln – Mobile Network Applications – The New Buzz

Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store

Bringing together the maximum excellence of expertise to the marketplace using an already well-known and well-used instrument through which the ordinary man can also reap the rewards that can be earned from this primary manifesto.

Be in to win with state-of-the-art tactics never before seen in the world of mobile, social and gaming.

Venture Capital is being sought after more and more for these industries and over the next 12 months, the news will be inundated with new businesses in the techno world, enabling more and more sensational growth in individual incomes using the latest trends.

The world is your oyster.  Get in the ripple and start Rippln. And if you want to know more just fill in the form below.

How To Use Twitter

Doc is always emphasising our sales funnel and he has coloured glass on a platform that stresses where everything is going from the top to the bottom of the glass just like a funnel.

There are 8 divisions in his glass  – the top rim being

  • social networking
  • traffic exchanges
  • article marketing
  • ad rotators
  • safelists
  • swaps
  • SEO
  • squeeze pages and blogs into web forms and my list

Did you know that as of today only because stats change quickly on the internet that there are over 140 million active accounts on Twitter with 340 million tweets being sent out a day? Yes, much of twitter is pointless babble – at least 40% of it, nevertheless, Twitter will help you create a business on the internet. You can also tie Facebook to twitter and twitter to Facebook – did you know that if you are a member of LinkedIn then you can post there, and that will automatically post to twitter which will then automatically post to Facebook?

Saves me a lot of time in the mornings.

And why do I endeavour to do that every morning? Because I am branding myself.  I want everyone out there to know that there is a Debbie Nicholson in the world – I know there are several of us, however, there is only 1 me and if I am continually in peoples faces with my picture and the  particular style that I write and send out things with then guess what ?Eventually I am going to get noticed!!

And I might tell you that when I Google Debbie Nicholson I am listed 3 times on page 1 of that Google page – I’m sure it is only because I am so vocal.

Social networking is not an option.

If you want to be in business nowadays then this is all about how business is being done now.  Doc gave an example of an author putting her book forward to a publisher for physical printing. The publisher looked at how many followers she had on twitter; how many people were on her FB list; and he realised she already had a market and so said yes to the publishing contract. Everything is based on the internet lifestyle now – how many likes you get on your pages etc.  It’s not a silly thing to be ignored anymore.

I can also add twitter into my article just with a plugin on my blog that’s how easy it is.

When you are in business you are always careful about what you post as your business tweet and then what you retweet. On my Twitter site I follow everyone who asks me to follow them, however, if I see any of them compromising my site by swearing, or using any type of foul language, pictures or posts then I immediately block them.

You see, everyone gets a chance to follow Debbie Nicholson however, she has her own conditions of whether they get to stay there because it is a privilege to be working with her, I realise that now.

Did you know that twitter is a micro blogging service that is available to mobile phones – that is why they only allow 140 characters because that is how many characters a mobile will take. Well I learnt that today on this webinar.

At the moment I am building my list so you will always see a call to action on my websites to join my list. I ask you to do this so that you can keep up to date with what I am learning and passing on to you.  There is never a time that you will always know everything.  Every day – I still am learning something and I wonder why I didn’t see that yesterday however, yesterday I was obviously not ready to receive that information into my brain and that is why today is when it is sticking with me.

Doc showed me how to use Twitter as follows

  • how to set up my profile and account with Twitter properly using all the different ways people can contact me.  If I want to be serious n business people have to be able to get hold of me – my husband has always told me that anyway.
  • my profile is my logo because I am branding myself so I don’t need to spend heaps of money on an expensive logo when its all about me anyway –  my picture; who I am; what I do
  • showed us where to go to get the buttons and widgets we need for our websites and articles
  • showed us what the @ sign means and what the .@ sign means and what the # sign means

Right now there are 88 social networking sites out there just waiting for Debbie Nicholson’s profile and face to pop up somewhere on their pages.

A lot of work ahead of me you say?

Well what are you in business for? To work or tag along?

In todays world a tag-a-longer person will not last long.

Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store

How To Get 1000 Hits A Month To My Blog

Doc Stone discussing ways to obtain as many as 1000 hits a month for every wordpress post I make and he proved it.

He showed us how to use one tool in Webfire backed it up with the Google External Keyword tool and then proved his figures.  Then he showed us a plan that if followed will net me at least 52000 hits a year to my site.

And ITS ALL free organic targeted traffic.

I learned where to use my keyword in title, first sentence and at least twice in my article with a link to my sales page at the bottom.

Last week we downloaded the All In One SEO Pack and he showed us how to fill that in correctly.

If that wasn’t enough he then showed me how to track the traffic to my website using Google Analytics which is free.  I’m so excited because I now can track my traffic on how to get 1000 hits a month to my blog and other posts and pages I make from now on.
Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store

How To Add A New Blog To An Existing Domain

Just watched a webinar with Janet Legere showing me how to add a new blog to an existing domain.  Now I know how to get to CPanel, why you choose fantastic and how install it onto my site remembering to send the email to myself so I have all the information I need for future.

I added a calendar which I thought was very clever!! Then we learned how to get our code for our optin form from our autoresponder and paste it into my txt widget in the column on the right.  I use GVO so it is not a hard setup at all.  Then we had to get a banner to get that code to paste into a txt box widget with a heading in the heading box.

Writing a post wasn’t hard for me as I love writing making sure I added my picture at the bottom in the centre with a link attached.

To finish off we were encouraged to create some pages, especially an About Me page about the star of the site who is me of course and voila my site was up and running. I really love Internet Marketing.  Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store

Review On My Day Out With Me

Review On My Day Out With Me

Silence of Love Tous les SoleilsToday I took myself out on a date to the movies The Silence of Love (Tous les Soleils) and a snack at Finns in our village – Paekakariki.  Fabulous day out and I had such a good time. The Movie was great – French/Italian language with English subtitles and it made me laugh in several scenes as well as weep in the very last scene.  Thank you Me. While I was snacking on my hot chips with the yummy secret sauce, I got inspiration as to what action I should be taking to help me achieve one of my biggest goals.  So treating oneself to a day out was very advantageous for me.

Let me tell you a little bit about Finns while I am here.

Finns is the hotel situated on the right corner of Paekakariki as you come over the Railway lines from State Highway 1.  I suppose the driving distance from Wellington would be about 35 minutes, and by Train about 45 minutes with the Railway station only a 3 minute walk along the side of the Hotel.  Our train timetable is very frequent with trains going in both directions every half hour on the quarter hour.  For those who want to stay in our seaside village, trains run direct to our famous Westpac Stadium in Wellington for the big shows and games.

Finns itself offers many delights for the local community as well as the ever-flowing tourist community.  I personally like the cinema which seats around 27 people.  Just nice and cosy and a great place to be when it is raining outside.  Movie times vary through the day from 11.30am through to

They also feature a cafe/restaurant/bar which is very popular on the 5 days that it is open every week for the main meals of breakfast, lunch, dinner and all day snacks with internal as well as external seating areas that cater for smokers and non-smokers, children, animals and of course everyone else in between.

There is accommodation offered featuring studio units which include usual tea and coffee making facilities, and microwave; with private bathroom, spa bath, telephone, relaxing lounging area, flat screen TV and a sliding door opening out onto a private patio with views of the village itself.

If you wish, Finns will arrange laundry and dry cleaning services. They have a lift facility, deliver newspapers, store luggage, room service, breakfast in the room, fax and photocopying machines, a very handy ATM cash machine, snack vending machines, and special diet menus upon request, Wi-Fi and free parking.

Paekakariki Beach of which I speak so often is a mere 5 minute walk up the street.

Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store