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Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty’s Importance

In traditional offline businesses this has always been one of the greatest areas of  concern. customer loyalty2Online, however, the situation is much worse as it is so much easier for someone who is not happy with your service or with you to just click away from your website and easily find someone else to give their money to.

When it comes to retaining the allegiance of your online customer’s the secret to keeping them is by always giving them more than they ask for and making sure you have a great support system in place.

Overwhelming this may be, and I am not saying that it is not going to require a lot of your time to get it up and running because let’s be realistic, your customers like your business because they like you and what you have to offer them.  However, it need not be such a task if you customer loyalty1enjoy what you are doing and have not made yourself too busy to enjoy the interaction with your customers.   Next question is – how do you find out what your customers want so that you can offer it to them and in the way that is best for them?

In order to find out what exactly your customers want is simply to ask them.

This requires some type of research on your part.  And a good way to conduct research on the web is by having somewhere on your website for feedback so that you can get communication going between you and them.  Often you see a comments box at the bottom of the page when you are viewing someone’s website.  Well that is a good place to start to ask people what it iscustomer loyalty that they want.  When you are talking to them on a webinar tell them that is what that place is for.  Or after the webinar you could have a research form go out at the same time as they exit away from your webinar.  If you haven’t actually started a business online yet and are just thinking about it, then check out what your competition is doing and get their ideas on how they attract people to tell them what they need. Customers love to provide suggestions.  I know myself, from learning to comment myself, the website owner is not interested in you just saying great info or something little like that.  They are actually looking at any way they can improve and are grateful when someone comments so they can look into whatever the problem is that you as the customer has found.  There is a science here to study. Since I learned that fact I try to make my customer loyalty5comments more meaningful so that it looks like I have actually read through their material and I point out what has caught my eye. It’s all part of getting to know your customers really.

Skype now seems to be the way of the world and maintaining you customers in a Skype mastermind group works for others, why not for you?  This is a great way to get to know your customers better as it becomes more personal when you see a message from one of them and you can relate one on one to each other.  This is far better than having to rebuild a business just because you never paid enough attention to your customers.  Taking care of them means money in your hand and money in your hand means food on the table for your family. Taking some notice of Customer Loyalty will keep you in business for many years to come.

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Whittaker’s Chocolates – Part 3

Whittaker’s Chocolates – Part 3

Whittakers peanut butter chocolateDebbie Nicholson’s Favourite

Here are some more questions you might like to ask Whittaker’s.

Where do the other ingredients come from?
Whittaker’s source additional ingredients from the following countries.

Peanut Butter
Macadamia nuts

  • Ghana
    Cocoa Beans
  • Madagascar
    Cocoa Beans
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
    Milk powder
    Orange peel
    Hokey Pokey
  • Philippines
  • South Africa
  • Turkey
  • UK
    Biscuit Pieces
  • USA
  • Vietnam

How many products are there in the Whittaker’s product range?
Right now, there are over 70 products in the Whittaker’s rangeWhittaker mini slabs

How does Whittaker’s approach environmental issues?
At Whittaker’s they are conscious of environmental issues and they will  always endeavour to have policies that do not harm the environment.  Also, none of their products are made from ingredients that have been genetically modified.

Do any Whittaker’s products contain Palm Oil?
No, they do not use palm oil in any of their products.

Are Whittaker’s products gluten free?
All Whittaker’s products are gluten free
except for
Whittakers cornflake mini slabsKiwifruit Block
Berry & Biscuit (Block and Mini slab)
Cornflake Mini Slabs
Toffee milks

Their Hokey Pokey Block and Mini Slabs contain glucose derived from wheat but the finished product has no detectable levels of gluten

Is Whittaker’s Kosher?
Whittaker’s Dark Chocolate is Kosher pareve
Milk Chocolate is Kosher Dairy chalaw stam

Products that are not currently Kosher Certified
Hokey PokeyBerry and Biscuit Slab
Berry & Biscuit
White Raspberry

Are Whittaker’s Halal Accredited?
Whittaker’s have been granted Halal Accreditation by FIANZ for all of their chocolate products excluding Rum and Raisin block

Can I purchase Whittaker’s products online?
At this time they do not offer Whittaker’s products for purchase on this website.

Where do the Fair Trade ingredients in 33% Creamy milk block come from?
Ghana on the globeThe Fair Trade cocoa beans and butter come from the largest cooperative in Ghana called Kuapa Kokoo.  Fair Trade sugar comes from a cooperative in Costa Rica called
CoopeAgr R.L.

Where is Whittaker’s Chocolate exported to?
They mainly export their products to Australia, but they also export to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, India Republic, Korea and Taiwan.  In addition, some of their products are available in New Zealand Shops in the UK.

When you are producing Chocolate in your factory, what are the main rules and regulations you take into account?
Their factory operates according to regulations established in the joint Australia /New Zealand Food Standards Code, the Health and Safety in Employment Act and the Fair Trading Act.

Do you offer tours of the Whittaker’s Factory?Whittakers chocolate factory in Porirua
Because of their relatively small size and very tight factory regulations, they are unable to conduct tours.

Do Whittaker’s sell fundraising packs?
Unfortunately they do not currently have a specific product designed for fundraising.  They do get many requests for this and they are working on a fundraising offer for the future.

Can I return Whittaker’s items after purchase?
Absolutely.  if you are dissatisfied with any product for any reason, you can return it to the following address for a replacement product. Or call the phone number listed below.
whittaker squaresWhittaker’s
24 Mohuia Crescent

Can I distribute Whittaker’s products?
if you are a creditable distributor and meet Whittaker’s credit requirements, you can distribute Whittaker’s products.   Call the phone number listed below.

How can I find out about job opportunities at Whittaker’s?
ike any company they do have job vacancies from time to time. Call the phone number listed below.

What do I do if I have a comment, question or concern about a Whittaker’s product?
For more information
Call them on  080011 9968

Whittakers cornflake mini slabs Enter & be in to WIN our delicious Cornflake Mini Slabs: http://whittake.rs/CornflakeNZ Read more tomorrow as we continue to explore this fabulous company Whittaker’s Chocolates that produces such fabulous chocolates.

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Sister Frances Beverly Johnson Monson

Sis Monson Funeral Service



Sister Frances Beverly Johnson Monson, who left us to pass through the veil early in the morning on Friday the 17th 2013, was laid to rest on 23rd May. Most of the talks given emphasised her dedication to serving Heavenly Father.

She was the wife of President Thomas S. Monson. She was blessed to be a mother of three, a grandmother of eight, and a great-grandmother of eight.

Sister Monson left her family a great example of personal humility, dedicated service, pure faithfulness, and heart-warming love.

Her daughter Sister Dibb spoke on behalf of the Monson family about her mother’s example as a welcome way that she hoped all of us who came within her influence could live our own lives, so that in the end we too would be welcomed home to the loving arms of our Lord and Saviour having done our journey here on earth with the same honourable achievement that her mother so willingly showed us how it should be.

Sis Frances B. Monson was always doing good works simply because of her great love for others. Sister Dibb went on to describe the four ways her mother was such an example to her family and to us as Latter Day Saints all around the world.

  • Sister Monson had a great and sincere love for her parents – Franz E. Johnson and Hildur Booth Johnson leaving a legacy of that great commandment Honour thy father and thy mother. The family learned of their grandfather, Franz E. Johnson through the repetition of stories and sharing their mothers memories of him, and then watched as she continued to look after their own mormor, which is ‘mother’s mother’ in Swedish.”
  • Sister Monson totally and sincerely loved her family.
  • Sister Monson totally and sincerely loved the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Sister Monson totally and sincerely loved and was devoted to her husband – her eternal companion—President Thomas S. Monson.

To Read the official account of Sis Frances Beverly Johnson Monson’s Funeral Service Click here.


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Whittaker’s Chocolates – Part 2

Whittaker’s Chocolates

“Nowhere in the Bible does it specially suggest an exact date that God created chocolate, but if you were a betting person, you’d go for Day one.  Quite early.  Probably not long after God made chocolatebreakfast in fact. Chocolate is one of life’s utter pleasures, and for the Whittaker Family, the only pleasure greater is getting to craft their own chocolate everyday.  Trying to make it as divine and delicious as possible. You see, for the Whittaker’s, there’s chocolate in their genes.” Some questions you might ask the Whittaker’s: How do you make chocolate? chocolate making processWhittaker’s chocolate-making process is complex and  takes place in several steps. The quality and the taste are everything, therefore they know they have to control every step of the chocolate-making process, from sourcing the bean to making the bar.

  • Ingredients Whittaker’s source only the very finest ingredients from around the world.  Wherever the best is grown, then that is where Whittaker’s go to get them. Their cocoa comes from Ghana and Madagascar – the two homes of the finest beans.  They purchase their beans though the Ghanian Cocoa Board which is committed to ensuring that cocoa beans in Ghana are grown in a responsive and ethical manner.Whittaker’s source all their other ingredients from the worlds best producers too.  All their peanuts, hazelnuts, macadamias and whatever other nuts they need they make sure they are simply the finest you can buy.
  • Crafting The mixing, roasting, refining, moulding and baking machines are the very best available, all hand crafted in Europe by exacting experts to Whittaker’s exacting requirements.  They have many machines and they need them all because they do all their own preparation, their own blending, their own roasting, everything that is needed to make the best bar there is.  Whittaker’s also wrap their own products, carefully removing air in the process. and they wrap them in gold, as befits the very best

What are the latest Whittaker’s products? The latest products are the delicious new slab flavours: the new Berry & Biscuit slab, the Hokey PBerry and Biscuit Slabokey Slab, and the Creamy Milk 50g slabs available now in singles and 2 packs. How do you create new products? Whittaker’s  study trends in chocolate markets in other countries around the world, as well as conduct consumer research groups, in order to create the tasty Whittaker’s range lf yummy chocolates.  They also keep all customer suggestions on a database and analyse that information every 6 months. Do Whittaker’s products contain genetically modified GM ingredients? The answer to this question is an emphatic NO.  None of otheir products contain GM ingredients. Does your dark chocolate contain milk? Milk is not an ingredient of our dark chocolate unlike most dark chocolates available which makes their dark chocolate a popular choice for the many people in the country who are lactose intolerant as well as for vegans.  The dark chocolate is however, made on the same production line as our Milk chocolate varieties and so may contain traces of milk chocolate. On the back of your block products, its says that you batch-roast your cocoa beans.  What does that mean? Whittaker’s roaster takes 170kg of beans at once.  They then roast them for a period of time at a certain temperature.  They do a number of roasts of beans every day.  After each roast, they completely empty the roaster and refill it with a fresh batch of beans. Whittaker’s latest product and competition. Whittakers cornflake mini slabs Enter & be in to WIN our delicious Cornflake Mini Slabs: http://whittake.rs/CornflakeNZ Read more tomorrow as we continue to explore this fabulous company Whittaker’s Chocolates that produces such fabulous chocolates. Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store list building 2

12 Steps For Viewtrakr

12 Steps For Viewtrakr

  • Step 1 Watch my link video and then sign up for free and get your tracking number which is on the tab called trakr
  • Step 2 You can go live
  • Step 3 Go to your email site
  • Step 4 Go to your youtube video site
  • Step 5 Choose a short funny or something of interest video and copy link in the browser to your email
  • Step 6 Do the same for 11 other videos
  • Step 7 Choose which of the videos #1, #1 or #3 of the ones that come up when you first click on your link for the one you wish to have personalised.  Put the number of that video you have chosen #1, #2 or #3 into your email
  • Step 8 Attach a picture of you or the banner of your business site to your email
  • Step 9 Put all the URLS into the email format I am about to send you

Format for email is

MEMBER 5457 / Page Blue

  • Auto-Play: The Rockstar one please Video #2
  • Video #1: your video
  • Video #2: your video
  • Video #3: your video
  • PLEASE forward to your Team

MEMBER 5457 / Page green

  • Auto-Play: The Rockstar one please Video #2
  • Video #1: your video
  • Video #2: your video
  • Video #3: your video
  • PLEASE forward to your Team

MEMBER 5457 / Page yellow

  • Auto-Play: The Rockstar one please Video #2
  • Video #1: your video
  • Video #2: your video
  • Video #3: your video
  • PLEASE forward to your Team
  • Step 10 Put the following into the subject line of your email
    Please upload my videos to my channel
  • Step 11 Check all your URLs work okay
  • Step 12 Click send videos@viewtrakr.com

And that is my 12 Steps For Viewtrakr

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Whittaker’s Chocolates

The History of Whittaker’s

The First Generation
At the beginning of Whittaker’s Chocolates there was J H Whittaker who was their grandfather. His name was James Henry Whittaker and he was the  first to get a taste for the stuff when he was working for a confectioner in England at the age of 14.  He came to New Zealand back in 1890 and began to put this chocolate expertise to use for himself.  He started making his own in his Christchurch home.  Using his horse and van (today it’s a Mini Clubman) he would sell it door to door. He eventually moved to Wellington and since 1896 J H Whittaker has been making Australasia premium chocolate.whittaker icecream

The 2nd Generation
In 1913, his sons Ronald and James joined him in partnership to form J H Whittaker and Sons. Business took off over the years, with their chocolates being eagerly sought by more and more respected retailers.

The 3rd generation
Today the company is still owned and run by the Whittaker family.  Andrew and Brian in fact, and they reckon they have all the passion for chocolate along with all this unique experience.
If they’re not tending every step of the process, the sourcing, the roasting the blending and baking… then you’ll find them in the tasting room, dreaming up new and ever more delicious combinations.  They draw real strength in their family history.  Remember the saying blood is thicker than water, and chocolate is thicker than that, so there you go.

Where can you buy Whittaker’s products?
Whittaker’s products should be available at all supermarkets throughout New Zealand and in almost every service station and dairy.  In addition, their Sante bars are available in many local cafes and coffee shops.  If your local dairy, supermarket or service station doesn’t have the Whittaker’s product you’re looking for, you are invited to feel free to ask the store owner/manager if they could stock it. Alternatively, there is a number to ring for additional help 0800 11 99 68 (this number is only available in New Zealand.)

Whittakers chocolate factory in PoriruaWhere is Whittaker’s chocolate made?
All Whittaker’s products are made in their factory in Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand.

Is Whittaker’s a New Zealand company?
Whittaker’s is a New Zealand company and is still family owned and operated.

Whittaker’s latest product and competition.

Whittakers cornflake mini slabs

Enter & be in to WIN our delicious Cornflake Mini Slabs: http://whittake.rs/CornflakeNZ

Read more tomorrow as we continue to explore this fabulous company Whittaker’s Chocolates that produces such fabulous chocolates.

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Owning Your Own Business

Part 1   Managing A Small Business

Wearing pjs to workHow does the idea of wearing your pj’s to work fit into the luxuries of your lifestyle?   Well, let me tell you my dear reader that it is just around the corner for you this very minute.  You can enjoy having an internet business at home in far less time than you think it can be set up.  All you need is the desire to have your own business and be in control of your own life and your own finances.  However, if you think that this is going to be a holiday at home, that you can get up late and finish work early and not do very much, then you are sadly mistaken.  Any business whether online or offline needs work and commitment.  Are you ready for those two special necessities in your daily diary?  If you are – then read on. If you are not, then you had better stay at your 9 to 5 job and keep making someone else rich with your labour.

Working from home is not always all it is cracked up to be.  You need some sort of discipline and you need rules and boundaries. It is so easy to become distracted when working from busy momhome.  You look out the window and see that the lawns need mowing and the gardens need weeding.  You see dishes you could be helping your wife with.  You see laundry that you could be helping your wife with.  The children may need to be taken somewhere and you can see that your wife does not have 5 pairs of hands.

When you were at your 9 to 5 job, you did not see all of this stuff that happened around the house during your absence.  You did not see your wife slaving away over housework, bills, budgets, children, meals and etc.  Now you are home, however, maybe you will get to appreciate her a little more.  How she ever got the house cleaned so quickly just as you stepped through the door just after 5 you will never remember now that you are home wonder womanall the time.  You can see that only a Wonder Woman could have been there to assist her before.

These are the distractions I am talking about.  And this is why before you step into the adventure, you and your wife and children need to sit down together and work out times, boundaries, duties, breaks and all of the other things that need to be considered just so that everyone knows that now Daddy works out of a room at home, and he needs the same time he had when working away from the home to earn the money to keep the family and the house going.

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Domain Name Suggestions

Domain Name Suggestions

Domain names are the addresses whereby people will find your presence on the internet. The importance of the correct name is very valuable, as it will make the difference between newbiessomeone finding your website easily or not.  If it is the name of an item that someone is looking for, then using that item’s name is very valuable to you as this will attract traffic at a higher rate than if it was some other obscure name.   The more traffic generated to your site of course means more sales.

Long or Short?

Should your domain name be a long one or a short one is the next question to ask yourself.  Remember that it has to be easily remembered by someone who is looking for that particular item.  The domain name suggestion of a short domain name seems highly likely at this stage perhaps of 7 characters or less, e.g. you may be writing a book on puppy tails.  What would you suggest that a domain name could be if that was your subject?  Of course, www.puppytails.com would be the best.  Sometimes however, the .com is not always available therefore I suggest you try for .net, .org or even .info at the very last resort.  .info is a good one Ipuppy  f you are worrying about costs, because usually the .info is the cheapest extension that is available, however, .net, or .org would be the best ones to go for if the .com has already gone.  If you are financial and are in the position to do so, another good suggestion would be to reserve all of the extensions using your domain name.  That would protect you from being usurped by another person who decides to use www.puppytails.net or www.puppytail.org or www.puppytails.info for their business which may be or may not be related to what you have to sell.  You certainly don’t want to encourage what should be your traffic being diverted to another site, just because the search engines feel that the other site is worth looking at as well as yours.  Once upon a time .org was only allowed to be used by someone who had a large organization, hence the word .org, whereas .net would at one time only be used by people who owned technical websites and the .info was usually referring to a website that carried a lot of nerdy type of information on a product.  Nowadays everyone can order whatever they wish – there is no longer that discrimination.

Passing the Phone Test

Your confidence in the choice of your domain name can start to soar should you btelephonee required to give your domain name to someone at the end of the telephone and it is easily recognizable without you having to repeat yourself several times to the person on the line.  Give yourself this test.  Does your domain name pass this test were you the caller asking you what is the name of your website?

Keywords in your Domain Name

Search engines only look for words.  They are not interested in images or videos or anything like that.  They are only focusing on finding particular words that are keywords.  Keywords are based on what the general public type into search boxes to find, therefore, a keyword in your domain keywordnkeywordame could prove very clever of you.  e.g. with the puppytails.  Someonkeyworde looking for a solution to a problem for his puppy that has a problem with his tail would naturally first type into the search box puppy tails.  Makes sense to me anyway.  Therefore if you have a website focused on all the things that could possibly be wrong or even right with the tail of a puppy, then your first choice of domain name should be www.puppytails.com.  And that way the search engines would see puppy tails being typed in as a key word in their search box, so they would immediately send out their spiders or whatever they call them to all words that relate to puppy tails.  And voila!! Who should they find almost immediately but that domain name recently registered as www.puppytails.com.  Your business is guaranteed!!

To Hyphen or Not

The only time that I would suggest using a hyphenated domain name is when you are absolutely desperate and really cannot do without the domain name you have decided you want.  If www.puppytails.com, .org, .net and .info have all been taken up by someone else, then by all means if it is puppytails you want then go for www.puppy-tails.com, .org, .net or .info.  Remember the phone test I mentioned earlier. Everything has to pass that all important phone test.

Beware of Double Lettersdouble letters

Another choice to be aware of is the case of double letters.  AlphaAdams – not good. BetterRoads – not good.  HispanicClothing – again not good. There is something about that double letter that does not resonate well with being easily tested on the telephone. The caller could be quite confused at what you said and think you meant only 1 of the letters and might type something in and not even be taken to your website at all – and horror of horrors they may even be diverted to the competition.  My advice would be to avoid double letters.

Catchy vs. Practical

Domain name suggestions for something really catchy can be generated by special software that is available on the market.  if you are into making a business of selling domain names then I suggest you look at Ana Hoffman’s site to give you some ideas on where you would find something that might be unusual and therefore interesting enough to be worth a lot of money to the owner of that domain name.  I saw this one for sale while doing some research today.  gangnamstylenyc.com. rather cool huh? Would never pass the telephone test though.  What about this one?  catchybrands.com –  valued at $US8754.00.  WOW!!  And this advertisingone?   outofcontrol.com – look at its value –  valued at $US100,000.00. or an even better one that is not yet taken at all getoutofmyhair.com which is currently available.

Above are just a few examples of the fun you could have pursuing a career of thinking up clever domain names and putting them on the market.  GoDaddy will quite happily value them for you.

When choosing something catchy for yourself, just make sure it will pass the telephone test before you buy it. In saying that of course, there may be clever domain names that might not pass the telephone test, however, once you see it in print it looks fabulous and is easily understood.

Whatever you choose, being able to read it and say it out loud would be good guides to go by.  If it is related to your product even better.  The search engines will find you much easier and more quickly if you choose  a domain name that matches your business entirely.  When choosing a domain name the choice is always up to you.

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Opt In Email Lists


Tips for Building Opt In Email Lists

Opt In Email Lists are so important to your business.  Without one, you really have no business and that is all there is to it.  Email lists represent customers and without customers there is no business.  This is why it is so important to be constantly building your list.  And in order to do Building a litsthat you need to have some way of capturing names and emails from those who come across you on the internet in any way, means or form.

Interesting you say, how do I get them to tell me their email address?  And then how do I get them to become a customer?  And then how do I find someone in order to get their email address off them in the first place.

All these questions amble through your mind at the very thought of “that ever important list”.

Nowadays, emails are sent within minute parts of a second around the world. Communication is so easy today.  Being informed is the buzz of the moment.  Think of how low-cost this form of advertising could be to you:  sending regular emails off to people who are interested in being on your team for all the wonderful products you have in your arsenal.

Naturally you  need customers and every person who willingly gives you their email address should be looked upon as a potential customer.  Even if they are only interested today in being your friend, who is to say that tomorrow they might change their minds and decide that internet marketing is the way to go for employment.

list buildingThis is why we are suggesting here for you to have an opt in email list which is the IN word for directory of email addresses that are yours to freely send information to.  There are things to do before you get to the opt in list part of course and below you will find some guidelines to help you get started.

  • Create your website.
    The big Number One on your To Do List.
    When you have a presence on the Internet, then you have somewhere to direct people where they can register with your site or sign some sort of guest book although I think that guest books are not really as popular today compared to a form that they either just fill out which then directs them to something you are giving away, or just to gain entry to your site.
  • Set up a promotion or a freebie.
    People love something for free and I can tell you that if you offer them something for free that they see as of great value to them then they are more willing to give you their email address.  Today it is quite usual to also ask people to confirm their email addresses in a double opt in system, therefore protecting you from losing your precious giveaway to someone who doesn’t want to play the game the way it should be played by them giving you a false email address.  Here the risk is of course is if they give you the email address that they never look at, so it is also wise to ask them for their best email address when asking them to confirm.
    Free items of value could be
  • A free report
  • Free download of a programme you are willing to give awaylist building bully book
  • Free games
  • Free Screensaver
  • Free Book you have written or have the rights to give away
  • A bunch of software you have bundled up into a FREE package
  • Free anything you wish really.And what is your reward for giving something of this nature of any of the above away for FREE?  Your reward is their name and email address.  That is of high value to you, the most important 2 pieces of information you could collect in your entire life of business on the internet. If you don’t want to use the double opt in system then, place a checkbox on the form that they can tick that states that they are willing to receive emails from you in the future.A very effective and simple way to build your opt in email list.
  •  Write and write some more.
    Commenting on articles of pieces of information written by someone else is another effective way to get someone to come onto your list.  Always add your own URnewsletterL so that they can click on your link to read what you have to say in more depth.
  •  Create your own newsletter
    When you are already maintaining several blogs, this might not be an easy option because you will always be tied to your computer and after all, working from home is not about always being tied to your computer.  However, if you are just starting out and only have the one website, then by all means start your own monthly newsletter or even be so bold as to start your own ezine.  If you are the creative type then this will be just up your alley.  You have the email addresses that are opting into your list on a regular basis, therefore you already have a market who is interested in your ezine or newsletter.
  • Pose an easy opt-out option.
    removeAlways give your people who are opting in the opportunity to opt out as well.  If it looks like they will never be able to get rid of you if they don’t like what you are going to send them, then I doubt that they will opt in very willingly.  Nobody wants to be tied to someone who does see their point of view that they are no longer interested or are just too busy to read what you are sending them anymore.
  • Partner up
    Finding a partner on the internet who wants to generate a list is also a good idea.  If there are expenses involved, then here would be somebody with whom you could share the expenses as well as the list being generated.  Just be selective in whom you partner with.  It is not really advisable to partner with someone who might be in direct competition with your business.  Picking someone who has similar interests to what you are offering but not exactly the same would be great.  And this way you both are able to send the list two different marketing offerings and continue to build your list because of the diversity of products being offered.
  • Know your prospects
    Knowing what your market is wanting is very important.  Selling a range of cosmetics to a group of men who love boys toys would not be a good idea and vice versa.  After all you, speeds up the processare going to a lot of time and effort to build your list, therefore you need to know exactly who wants what.  If you are in several niches, then you will need different lists to cater to each market.  Budgets are great to keep to if you are considering any type of expense associated with your list.  When a budget is needed, then make sure to always be mindful of it.

These few tips are suggestions for you to get started right away in gathering information for your opt in email lists.  It is up to you as what you choose to do and how you choose to implement the choice you have made.  I wish you all the best with your email marketing. And remember, all lists started with 1 person and then they grew from there. So do not be discouraged when starting out.  We all started with nothing and went from nowhere to somewhere.  Now is your chance to join us.

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My Tribute to Sis Frances B. Monson

My Tribute to Sis Frances B. Monson
On Friday 17 May 2013 one of our dear friends Sis Frances B. Monson, wife of our dearly beloved Prophet President Thomas S. Monson left us to go back to our Heavenly Father there to await the arrival of her eternal husband at his appointed time.

She was and always will be such a great example to us of thrift, faith, loyalty and hard work.  She was brought up in the Great Depression so knew the value of saving what you could out of whatever you had.  Although in the beginning of their marriage she was told that she may never have children, she went on to have 3.  Standing beside her husband when he was called at an early age to be part of the Church leadership, she was always there on hand with what was needed, be it just her presence, her love, her wifely guidance, even her most welcome oratory contributions to the gathering at some stages of their travelling together.  President Monson knew she would be his eternal companion the very first time he met her.  And they enjoyed 64 years of marriage together.

Both of Swedish ancestry, they met at University and were married in the Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake TempleSalt Lake, Utah, in 1948.  Animals, birds and reptiles were a natural part of their home.  Sis Monson was also very fond of a bargain, forever clipping coupons and shopping for sale items to help the money go further.  She loved being the go-to-Mom whenever anything needed assembling, fixing, or doing up.  She was the Jack of all trades around the house just as so many of us are too.

Her Church service was in all auxiliaries at some time or another and preparing lessons for those callings was never too great a task.  She had a great sense of humour leaving notes for the children whenever she was called away to hospital or something similar that they were “not allowed to let Daddy use the everyday important appliances.”

Sis Frances B. Monson had a great love for all with whom she came in contact.  She and her husband complemented each other 100% as he has the same constitution.  She will be missed for her discreet encouragement to both her husband and family as well as to us as Relief Society sisters around the world.

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