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Be a Pioneer, Not an Admirer

Be a Pioneer, Not an Admirer

Part 1

Being a pioneer in business is what you need to aim for if you have BIG plans ahead.  This type of mind-set will determine just how successful your business will be.  It does not matter whether you have an offline business or an online business, having pioneering thoughts will help increase your bottom line in a massive way.

As in everything, there are rules to abide by.  However, often in business these rules are generally not set in stone.  Trends in business should definitely be followed as it is no use having a great business if you have no customers looking to use what it is you are selling.  And it is a big leap to think that you can start something that people will want just because you think they will want it.

How is it possible to know what is something that shows a real pioneering spirit? Are there rules that govern what you have in mind?  Has it been done before?  And if not, why not? Is it being done already? And if it is, how is it being done?  Are their traditions attached to your idea?

Some rules I came up with in my research of this subject for an online business I found as follows:

  • The CustomerThe Customer needs to be happy at all times.  From the moment they see your product, right through to using it satisfactorily, the customer must be kept happy right throughout all of the processes.  Unhappy customers can turn your business to nothing in a second especially in this day and age of speedy technology. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, whether it be adverse or favourable.
  • FREE FREEofferings can be a good thing, however, usually when a serious person is wanting to make money and wants to be seen by another professionals presence online, FREE might suggest a questionable line to take.  FREE for a trial period is acceptable with a definite charge after a certain amount of time.  Always FREE may to some feel, “Well how long are they going to be around?  Is my website safe with them?  And if it is, for how long? Are they serious about business?  What is their motive to offer FREE?” Putting these questions into your customers minds before you even start is not a good starting position to be in.
  • A brandserious business person will think of his advertising right from the beginning.  What are you trying to brand?  Your product?  Your name?  Your service?  You can reflect what you are trying to brand in the domain name and corresponding email address you choose.Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store