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Kidneys and Kidney Infection

Kidneys and Kidney Infection


The kidneys are an essential organ in our system that maintain the acid-base balance of our body; are connected to our urinary system; regulate our blood pressure by keeping a The Kidneysbalance with our salt and water; serve as a natural blood filter; help us get rid of the wastes that come through the bladder including urea and ammonium; aid with specific hormone production; and function to reabsorb the amino acids, glucose and water we take into our bodies.

Kidney Infection or pyelonephritis is when something goes wrong with the system.  Having a Kidney Infection is not a nice thing to have.  Acute pain is involved in the most discreet places of our body and the suffering can linger if not treated promptly with either antibiotics or even hospitalisation if required. Indications of acute pyelonephritis may progress within a few hours or even a day, with severe pain in the urethra, tummy pain, back pain and high temperatures, sometimes shock symptoms of pain and throbbing into the area of your fingertips which can then lower your blood pressure, and also affect your breathing.  Kidney infection is related to UTI which is Urinary Tract Infection – bacteria spreading from the urethra or bladder up to one or both of the kidneys.

It is therefore, always important to keep yourself as well as possible during normal A Mitsubishi Pajero of the Wellington Free Ambulanceconditions because uncomplicated kidney infection can find a normally healthy patient able to throw off the symptoms reasonably easily with medication, whereas a complicated kidney infection patient could suffer more serious symptoms due to an illness or condition that has surfaced in their medical histories more often requiring more than just medication, perhaps even hospitalisation.

Common causes of Kidney infections can be traced to any of the following:  weakened immune systems, the urethra, toilet hygienetoilet hygiene, female physiology, urinary catheter, kidney stones, enlarged prostate, sexually active females.  Those who are more likely to suffer a kidney infection are persons male and female over the age of 60; littlies under the age of 2; mothers during pregnancy and women in general, mainly due to their physiology.

Keeping oneself hydrated with plenty of good, clean liquid such as water, maintaining a healthy diet including eating plenty of  fresh fruit and vegetables, plus being particularly mindful of hygiene will help you to prevent infections of any kind in your body. Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store