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OnlyWire With Steve Gaghagen

OnlyWire With Steve Gaghagen.

I have done so much learning today –

The Webinar I just watched from all about OnlyWire With Steve Gaghagen and what a useful tool that is going to be from this point on.

OnlyWire is a Social Media Engine that automatically submits the content and posts you submit to them to over 50 social media sites including WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook with just a press of a button.

All you have to do is to set yourself up an account with OnlyWire and then spend quite some time setting up the services you wish to be connected to through their automation service.  Now how cool is that? Steve recommends that you start out basic and upgrade as needed and these are the steps he went through for me to get started.

  • Start basic  – can always upgrade
  • Include the capcha serviceonlywire
  • Set up my services
  • Steves business Online Techniques will do this for a fee to save you heaps of time.
  • Connect my feed
  • Post on my blog

He was so helpful in that he went into Screen Sharing so that we could see how to set up our own accounts; where to find the different screens behind the menus; explained to us what an impression is and the cost of those when we are able to upgrade; advised where to start with our Profiles; and to allow time to hook up to all of the services that they offer; adding a post of our own; scheduling it to go out;  being sure to select the right tags in order for our posts to be picked up immediately they are sent out by OnlyWire.  I was so excited to know that blogging doesn’t have to be a tedious task.  You only have to write it once and hey presto, 50+ other sites can have a copy of what you have just written within a few seconds of you pressing that button.

Up until now, I was going the painful way and doing everything manually – maybe I might start to have a life again soon (after I have set myself up with all of those social networking services that are offered by OnlyWire)!! Thanks so much Steve Gaghagen.Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store
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