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Affiliate Marketing Blog

Affiliate Marketing Blog

Sharing the product that you own is a really good way to make money online. This is called Affiliate Marketing.

When you become an Affiliate, an agreement is made between the person who made the product and yourself allowing your access to all of his product resources in order for you to sell his product on his behalf. Once you make sales then the person who made the product is only too happy to share the profits with you in the way of a commission or a set fee. He is happy because before he met you he had not made a sale to the person you sold his product to. Therefore it is a win-win situation, in that the more orders you get for his product, the more money he makes as he could not have done the sales on his own. And of course the more sales you make, then the more commissions you get paid. So it is in your interest to sell as many of his products as you can in order to establish a nice little income at the end of the week. Sometimes the merchant will pay you daily.

A smart product maker or merchant will have several of you out there promoting his product so there will be competition, however, the internet world holds millions and millions of people with cheque books, so I doubt that you would cross paths with someone selling the same product. And even if you did come across someone, they don’t have the list of people you deal with and vice versa. Again, a win-win situation for everyone concerned.

The advantage for you is that it is a great way to make money. All you have to do is set up a site where you can put a great affiliate marketing blog using the materials you get from the merchant and then use that blog to link your website to his product. Then you need to advertise out your site using one of the many ways available to internet marketers and draw in the people who wish to buy that type of product. They click on the link, are taken to the merchants site where he will take their payment, upload or send his product to them, divide the money with you and rinse and repeat.

This is something you can do from home very easily. You don’t have anything to do with the actual product. You don’t have to worry about posting, packaging, keeping up with stock, no inventory checks. All you have to do is be clever about getting customers to buy the product from your website.

If you already have a website then go surfing and find a product that complements your website. That way, it is easy to just add a banner or a link or a little splurge about the product with the corresponding link to the merchants website – he will do the rest. All you want to find are people who will click on your link. Affiliate programs are generally free to join, however, be aware that some people do charge for some reason – steer clear of them. There are thousands of products out there just waiting to be snapped up by you to sell on behalf of.
Good merchants provide so many resources to help you sell something of theirs. They even write scripts for emails, signature lines, newspaper ads – whatever you need to put together an effective affiliate marketing blog they usually have already thought it all out for you. If it doesn’t work out for you, then drop it and get another product.

It’s a fun way to make money from the comfort of your own home without any extra costs to yourself. So get started and start collecting unexpected cheques in the mail.Debbie Nicholson - Author Kindle Store Search Engine button_A_32