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Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

aybn2Twitter is a magic word nowadays.  It is the means by which the USA can lose billions of dollars in a fraction of a second only to recover itself within another few seconds once the threat has been analysed by the very same computers as a hoax.  This is what is meant by “going viral”.  And then we have Paul Graham’s baby  – Hacker News.  Place these 2 forces together and we have one very powerful social news platform by which you may either be shot to overnight fame or nothing at all.

Many announcements  go unnoticed, unless you are clever and you announce it at the right time.  You only need one person to see your notice who might instantly share it by Viral Marketing simply because:

  • It’s funny
  • It’s over the topaybn1
  • It’s unbelievable
  • It’s not credible
  • It’s impossible
  • And heaps of other reasons that enter the brain of a person who is in flight mode.

While it is not really a good idea to boost energy into your notice to influence the sharing of your idea, there are subtle ways you can go about the same deed to assist driving it forward.  All you need is the talent to know how to make the subject matter mushroom at a colossal speed.

April Fool’s day is a good time to make such a crafty move.  However, there are many April Fool’s day announcements that have either spiralled downward or against the intention of the announcer.
Our advice therefore would be along these lines:

  • The use of force should be a last resort.
  • The risk of upsetting someone should not be considered as everyone has theAYBNir own point of view so you win some, you lose some.
  • Don’t be seen to be encouraging distribution of what you are announcing.
  • Don’t exaggerate the importance of either the announcement or the willingness for others to let someone else in their circles of influence to know about it.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff with it.

Your homework is to go over past April Fool’s day hoaxes, announcements, releases – you will be surprised just how cleverly designed some of them have been in the past and what successes have resulted from the daring of one person’s idea to try viral marketing.

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