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What is Viewtrakr?

Viewtrakr is video email gone wild viewtrkr

What if you had 200 friends and they asked all of their friends to look at viewtrkr

I bet it wouldn’t be long before you had hundreds if not thousands of people in your network after that.  200 friends

What would happen if those 200 friends automatically asked their 200 friends, you might have at least 10,000 in your network.1M friends  Sorry, Facebook won’t let you have that many  but that’s another story about numbers and advertising.  So what if those 10,000 people added their 200 friends – you could have 1 million friends.

That would be a pretty nice network wouldn’t it and that’s what Viewtrakr is all about  – helping you build your own network using new technology that speeds up the process.

Connecting people and sharing information sounds like fun? Yeah  –  Kinda

What if on top of that there was a way to monetise monetiseyour network  – now that would really be fun.  The bigger your network the more you’d make like how Fox makes the most during the Superbowl . Last season over 100 million people tuned in but did you know that over a billion people have tuned in to Lady Gaga’s channel? Now that’s some pretty valuable adspace.

Tthese days View traffic is big business.  Companies like Bebo can guarantee lots of traffic for a big corporate commercial or a music video from a new rock band then play the clip on a popular youtube channel driving millions of viewers to the new rock band stage.  And at the same time, they’re selling adspace to somebody else and all the rock stars grow their fanbase exponentially but who cares?

You’re not a rock star? Maybe you don’t have to be.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing viewtrkr  It’s based on the exact same principle but you get paid for your viewer network.  Not being a rockstar you simply direct new people to your viewtrkrvideo page and when they click on your trakr link you score.  Now when you score high enough you can get paid every time someone in your network scores, and the viewtrkrnetwork was made to build networks at lightning speed because what’s hot today might not be tomorrow  – but directing traffic on the internet might always be valuable.

If you seriously would like to know how it really works click the trakr button, watch a 60 second video and check it out for free.  Just  enter your name and email.

We don’t share your email. Spam sucks.  Nobody likes it.  We don’t’ do it.  So game on.

Go trakr .  Score high.


Hit the play button

see how simple it is


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