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My Tribute to Sis Frances B. Monson

My Tribute to Sis Frances B. Monson
On Friday 17 May 2013 one of our dear friends Sis Frances B. Monson, wife of our dearly beloved Prophet President Thomas S. Monson left us to go back to our Heavenly Father there to await the arrival of her eternal husband at his appointed time.

She was and always will be such a great example to us of thrift, faith, loyalty and hard work.  She was brought up in the Great Depression so knew the value of saving what you could out of whatever you had.  Although in the beginning of their marriage she was told that she may never have children, she went on to have 3.  Standing beside her husband when he was called at an early age to be part of the Church leadership, she was always there on hand with what was needed, be it just her presence, her love, her wifely guidance, even her most welcome oratory contributions to the gathering at some stages of their travelling together.  President Monson knew she would be his eternal companion the very first time he met her.  And they enjoyed 64 years of marriage together.

Both of Swedish ancestry, they met at University and were married in the Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake TempleSalt Lake, Utah, in 1948.  Animals, birds and reptiles were a natural part of their home.  Sis Monson was also very fond of a bargain, forever clipping coupons and shopping for sale items to help the money go further.  She loved being the go-to-Mom whenever anything needed assembling, fixing, or doing up.  She was the Jack of all trades around the house just as so many of us are too.

Her Church service was in all auxiliaries at some time or another and preparing lessons for those callings was never too great a task.  She had a great sense of humour leaving notes for the children whenever she was called away to hospital or something similar that they were “not allowed to let Daddy use the everyday important appliances.”

Sis Frances B. Monson had a great love for all with whom she came in contact.  She and her husband complemented each other 100% as he has the same constitution.  She will be missed for her discreet encouragement to both her husband and family as well as to us as Relief Society sisters around the world.

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