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Domain Name Suggestions

Domain Name Suggestions

Domain names are the addresses whereby people will find your presence on the internet. The importance of the correct name is very valuable, as it will make the difference between newbiessomeone finding your website easily or not.  If it is the name of an item that someone is looking for, then using that item’s name is very valuable to you as this will attract traffic at a higher rate than if it was some other obscure name.   The more traffic generated to your site of course means more sales.

Long or Short?

Should your domain name be a long one or a short one is the next question to ask yourself.  Remember that it has to be easily remembered by someone who is looking for that particular item.  The domain name suggestion of a short domain name seems highly likely at this stage perhaps of 7 characters or less, e.g. you may be writing a book on puppy tails.  What would you suggest that a domain name could be if that was your subject?  Of course, www.puppytails.com would be the best.  Sometimes however, the .com is not always available therefore I suggest you try for .net, .org or even .info at the very last resort.  .info is a good one Ipuppy  f you are worrying about costs, because usually the .info is the cheapest extension that is available, however, .net, or .org would be the best ones to go for if the .com has already gone.  If you are financial and are in the position to do so, another good suggestion would be to reserve all of the extensions using your domain name.  That would protect you from being usurped by another person who decides to use www.puppytails.net or www.puppytail.org or www.puppytails.info for their business which may be or may not be related to what you have to sell.  You certainly don’t want to encourage what should be your traffic being diverted to another site, just because the search engines feel that the other site is worth looking at as well as yours.  Once upon a time .org was only allowed to be used by someone who had a large organization, hence the word .org, whereas .net would at one time only be used by people who owned technical websites and the .info was usually referring to a website that carried a lot of nerdy type of information on a product.  Nowadays everyone can order whatever they wish – there is no longer that discrimination.

Passing the Phone Test

Your confidence in the choice of your domain name can start to soar should you btelephonee required to give your domain name to someone at the end of the telephone and it is easily recognizable without you having to repeat yourself several times to the person on the line.  Give yourself this test.  Does your domain name pass this test were you the caller asking you what is the name of your website?

Keywords in your Domain Name

Search engines only look for words.  They are not interested in images or videos or anything like that.  They are only focusing on finding particular words that are keywords.  Keywords are based on what the general public type into search boxes to find, therefore, a keyword in your domain keywordnkeywordame could prove very clever of you.  e.g. with the puppytails.  Someonkeyworde looking for a solution to a problem for his puppy that has a problem with his tail would naturally first type into the search box puppy tails.  Makes sense to me anyway.  Therefore if you have a website focused on all the things that could possibly be wrong or even right with the tail of a puppy, then your first choice of domain name should be www.puppytails.com.  And that way the search engines would see puppy tails being typed in as a key word in their search box, so they would immediately send out their spiders or whatever they call them to all words that relate to puppy tails.  And voila!! Who should they find almost immediately but that domain name recently registered as www.puppytails.com.  Your business is guaranteed!!

To Hyphen or Not

The only time that I would suggest using a hyphenated domain name is when you are absolutely desperate and really cannot do without the domain name you have decided you want.  If www.puppytails.com, .org, .net and .info have all been taken up by someone else, then by all means if it is puppytails you want then go for www.puppy-tails.com, .org, .net or .info.  Remember the phone test I mentioned earlier. Everything has to pass that all important phone test.

Beware of Double Lettersdouble letters

Another choice to be aware of is the case of double letters.  AlphaAdams – not good. BetterRoads – not good.  HispanicClothing – again not good. There is something about that double letter that does not resonate well with being easily tested on the telephone. The caller could be quite confused at what you said and think you meant only 1 of the letters and might type something in and not even be taken to your website at all – and horror of horrors they may even be diverted to the competition.  My advice would be to avoid double letters.

Catchy vs. Practical

Domain name suggestions for something really catchy can be generated by special software that is available on the market.  if you are into making a business of selling domain names then I suggest you look at Ana Hoffman’s site to give you some ideas on where you would find something that might be unusual and therefore interesting enough to be worth a lot of money to the owner of that domain name.  I saw this one for sale while doing some research today.  gangnamstylenyc.com. rather cool huh? Would never pass the telephone test though.  What about this one?  catchybrands.com –  valued at $US8754.00.  WOW!!  And this advertisingone?   outofcontrol.com – look at its value –  valued at $US100,000.00. or an even better one that is not yet taken at all getoutofmyhair.com which is currently available.

Above are just a few examples of the fun you could have pursuing a career of thinking up clever domain names and putting them on the market.  GoDaddy will quite happily value them for you.

When choosing something catchy for yourself, just make sure it will pass the telephone test before you buy it. In saying that of course, there may be clever domain names that might not pass the telephone test, however, once you see it in print it looks fabulous and is easily understood.

Whatever you choose, being able to read it and say it out loud would be good guides to go by.  If it is related to your product even better.  The search engines will find you much easier and more quickly if you choose  a domain name that matches your business entirely.  When choosing a domain name the choice is always up to you.

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