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Articles – Training With Doc Stone

Day 7 Video For 90 Day Challenge

Articles – Training With Doc Stone

Today we had another excellent training with Doc Stone and his topic resonated with me because it was all about producing a really good article or blog post, discussing the intricacies 150 size for doc stonethat make up a good article or blog post and also pointing out what all those icons stand for at the top of the Word Press editor.

I came away from the webinar so enlightened with new knowledge I just had to share it with you in today’s post.

The first point he made was to Start Big, the reason being that you only have a small window of time to capture the reader’s attention so you need to hit them hard with a great title and an equally powerful opening line.

The next point is to limit how much information you provide. You have to remember that many of these people are coming home from long days in the office to spend a couple of hours surfing theistart bigr interests on the internet and the last thing they want is to face a page that might have great content, however, they instantly realise they are too tired to read all that stuff and click away from your website.  Plus they are so tired that all they want is for you to tell them exactly what you want them to do.  Your post may be exactly what they are looking for, therefore, give them a little information, tell them you have written a report or an Ebook or done a video on the topic, therefore this is where you click to get more information. They would then do what you said, click the link and hey presto their attention span is now uplifted to pursue what you want them to do in another format which should be a call to action to put their name and email address into the box so that they can then access what it is they were after. Your job is done.

You need a call to action on every post.  Up until now I can see where I am going wrocall to actionng.  I love to write so I write not realising that if people are interested maybe they would like to know a bit more about what Debbie Nicholson does and writes about and maybe they would like to be invited to go deeper into what she is all about.

Blogs need to be short and to the point – a minimum of 200 words with a maximum of 500 words.  Anything after that needs to be put into a See More link, or another format altogether. Your click through link needs to go straight to your squeeze page which then directs them to what they really want after that. Always remember that the reason  you are blogging is because you are wanting your readers to buy from you, or at least encouraged to become part of your list that you can market to them at a later date.

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