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Articles – Training With Doc Stone Part 2 + Day 8 Video For 90 Day Challenge

Day 8 Video For 90 Day Challenge

Articles – Training With Doc Stone

150 size for doc stonePart 2

Don’t give people too many options – 2 or 3 are enough.  Remember they are tired and sometimes they might not even be a good reader.  Therefore don’t use fancy words no one fancy wordsother than yourself knows the meaning of.  Think of the age group who may be interested in what you have to say.  Think of their ability to see, so watch what fonts you choose to use.  All of these things are important when writing a blog or an article.  Give them a summary if you feel the need to at the end so that they can get used to going to that and following your recommendation from there.

People soon come to know your style of writing and the easier you make if for them the better and more financial in the long run it will be for you.

Become conversational in your wording, without avoiding proper comprehension rules. These sales funnelpeople, if not already, will become your friends and colleagues,  so the words you use need to reflect that relationship.  Remember you are always building a sales funnel and the blog or article is a very important part of your sales funnel. People love stories, so tell one. And don’t forget that 10 people may see your article or post and each of those 10 will read it a different way and when asked as to their opinion, you will be faced with 10 quite different interpretations of it so stories are great to consider when you are writing a new post.

Be direct. Tell them you want them to subscribe or you want them to buy or you want them to be directdownload ot you want them to watch your video.  Don’t make people guess what you want them to do by hinting at it.  Being direct shows your readers that you mean business, that you are not just a pretty face, that their next actions going to contribute to the bread and butter on your table. Tell them several times throughout the post so they get it. Show them by pointing out to them this is where you put your name and email in to get the rest of the information, tell them to click here to do this or that.  Remember they are tired.  They need to be prompted so they can get to bed in order to get up the next day to do it all over again.

And isn’t this why you are wanting them to be your customer?  So that you can point out to them that life doesn’t need to be like this forever.  It can change if they become partners in partners in successsuccess with you.

It is also a very sad fact that many people do not know how to read – they have spent their entire youth watching videos and playing spacies.  These are the types of people you are catering to.  Adapt to their needs not your great gift as a great writer.

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