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90 Day Challenge With Debbie Nicholson Video 12

90 Day Challenge With Debbie Nicholson Video 12

Training With Doc Stone on Articles – Part 3

videosThis is why videos are so popular now – the younger generation coming along are used to watching them and being informed by them.  They may not watch the TV like we did when we were younger, however, they are still doing what we did only what they are doing now is more specific to their needs at the time.

Break up your message with colour,  graphics, bolding , italicising, – there is so much you can do now to make the eye look further into what you are writing by making it more interesting for WordPressthem to do it. Use the Facebook and twitter plugin that is available because that will save you a lot of posting time.  Don’t bore your readers as bored people shut down and click out of your website – grammar and punctuationsimple as that.  Decide what you are going to write about beforehand, making sure you do the keyword research needed for the topic you choose to get the best title and to know the best keywords to use in your content.  Remember not to click the publish button until you have completely finished editing  your article. Use coloured fonts, paragraphs, links to other pages sparingly, make use of the bold, italic, strikethrough, bullet points numbered and the centering features.

150 size for doc stoneThen he went on to tell us what all the little icons at the top of the Word Press editor are which was very helpful to me.  Doc ended with why it is so important to put the10 to 15 keywords in the categories and tag boxes so the search engines can zero in on your article.

Overall great training again with Doc Stone.

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