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7 Secrets – Part 3

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7 Secrets – Part 3

……….They deserve every penny they earn.  Often they are out long before you or I would even think of rising in the morning and are often out and about to the wee hours of the morning as well, celebrating, putting in appearances – just being who they are.

What they do behind closed doors is what this series of articles is all about. Everyone has secrets and secret plans on how they do 7 secrets secretsstuff.  The 7 secrets stars of the world are no different.  Ever since the first grandmother came to be one, she has always had some tip to help the coming generation following her, care for not only their bodys, fashion and lifestyle – but also for a long range of things such as eating, how to maintain homes, marriages, properties, security, children, animals, repairs, their minds even.

7 secrets healthFor this 7 secrets series I have decided to concentrate on the secrets of health of 6 big names out there because to emulate someone we like to admire, health would be the first and foremost topic that springs to mind because with the topic of health, we cover looks, body maintenance, sexual appeal, food plans, and numerous other things.

Our #1 7 Secrets Star Oprah Winfrey

I am going to start my 7 secrets line-up with my favou7 secrets Oprahrite of all times – and that would be Oprah Winfrey.  She has been on my radar screen for many years.  Her appearance varies on a regular basis depending on what is happening in her life and who is in her life.  Every day there she is, sitting, standing………………………
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