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7 Secrets – Part 4

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7 secrets

7 Secrets – Part 4

……………waving her arms to her audiences of millions, interviewing her celebrity friends of high or low standing in the social atmosphere – Oprah.  Is.  Beautiful.  It is my personal dream to be friends with Oprah on a “Let’s Skype each other once or twice a week,” basis.

To me, that would be the ultimate to be included in her circle of 7 secrets Oprahinfluence.

Her constant battle with weight saddens me often because her mind must go through much turmoil where her size is concerned. Despite all of this, I know for a fact that as a 7 secrets star, she loves to work out and does so for at least half an hour for five out of the seven days there are in a week using her treadmill and free weight training.  At the same time I also know she loves her food and often talks about her 7 secrets man in the kitchen who helps look after her where her food plans are concerned.  Foods she is very good friends with are low-fat dairy, low fat chicken, vegetables of 7 secrets healthy snacksall kinds, fruit from everywhere, nuts, fish, and legumes.  White flour and white sugar are consumed on a limited basis and she also has a “thing” about eating anything after seven o’clock at night. Her 7 secrets filming regime must constantly interfere with these practices because let’s face it people, life does not go smoothly every single day, every single minute of that day. Never to mind though.

7 Secrets Star Oprah Winfrey

Oprah you are a great example to all of us on the other side of those cameras out here in the world. We Love You.

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