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7 Secrets – Part 5

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7 Secrets – Part 5

……………We all just love you Oprah, no matter whether you are slim or going through a bad patch.  Your heart 7 secrets Oprahshows on your face and that is all that matters to me anyway and I am sure there are many of you out there reading our 7 secrets blog who share my sentiments exactly.

7 secrets madonnaMadonna would be next in my book for our 7 secrets stars.  Her figure is beyond dying for.  Her stage routines are fearless and endless and so filled with energy.  And yet besides the countless hours practicing what she is so very good at on the stage, she still finds time to be the epitome of fitness following several favourite programmes in her personal off-stage time.  The Ashtanga Yoga based upon the eight limbs of yoga is her most favourite programme along with the adoption of a very strict diet that does NOT include anything junky. Macrobiotics list high in her food plan involving organic foods that are rich in very lean protein.  This is how she maintains her Material Girl figure.  The song has never ever gone out of popularity and neither has Madonna herself.

7 Secrets Star Jennifer Aniston

How about Jennifer Aniston? What does she get up to in order to maintain that 7 secrets jennfer anistonfamous way she wears her hair and that fabulous comedienne act that keeps her popular with her fans all around the 7 secrets world? She keeps to a macronutrient rich eating plan that supports hormonal balance at the same time as encouraging maximum weight loss known in the celebrity world as Jennifer’s 40,30,30 rule………………..

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