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7 Secrets – Part 6

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7 secrets

7 Secrets – Part 6

……………Legumes, vegetables, fruit and beans are mainly low glycaemic carbohydrates and 40% of what she puts into her mouth would be the foods we have listed here in our 7 secrets list.7 secrets jennfer aniston

Next would be her choice of lean proteins which include low fat dairy products, some beef, turkey, chicken, fish and tofu.  30% of her meals would include these items.

The other 30% is mainly made up of olive oils (and there are so many), fish oils, seeds and nuts.

7 secrets Gwyneth PaltrowNext I have chosen Gwyneth Paltrow who I have never seen out of that slim form no matter what seems to be going on in her 7 secrets life.  Even slim people are slim people because of their constant need to watch what they eat.  Hard to believe when you never see her any different in shape or figure.  A macrobiotic eating plan is her favourite including very lean meat, brown rice and a wide variety of vegetables.  She follows a similar eating plan to Oprah actually, actually avoiding white flour and white sugar as much as she can along with complete elimination of dairy products from her kitchen pantry and table. Yoga is high up on her agenda for a daily workout.

7 Secrets Star Claudia Schiffer7 secrets Claudia Schiffer

I am not sure if you know of my next 7 secrets pick, who is a German supermodel named Claudia Schiffer.  I picked her because I have German ancestry and I am always fascinated by the history of that country and I love to follow celebrities who originate from there purely because I never know……………….

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