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7 Secrets – Part 7

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7 Secrets – Part 7

………………………..exactly who belongs to my family or not from that European country.  It’s always fun to pretend that the famous ones belong to me as well.  Claudia maintains her impressive supermodel 7 secrets figure with very little obvious food and beverage.  Food includes steamed vegetables and salads for dinner times plus a 7 secrets Claudia Schiffervariety of fruit taken early in the day preferably before the afternoon has set in.  When working out in the world her preference for black grapes, tomato juice drinks and herbal teas is widely known on set.  She is very easily looked after when away from home and of course continues to look glamorous for the 7 secrets effort everyone around her takes to keep her happy.

I have always loved Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson being her offspring has always kept my interest in their family whether on or off set.  Kate was the 7 secrets kate hudsontalk of gossip magazines for a very long time when it was revealed that she had gained more than 60 pounds during her own pregnancy.  Would she be able to lose it in time for her next production?  How would she achieve this massive 7 secrets feat in such a short time?

7 Secrets Buzz Around Town

These were questions buzzing around that helped her achieve such a fantastic post-baby body that she was soon the talk of the town on both sides of Hollywood Boulevarde.  It only took Kate 4 months to shed the baby weight resulting in sculptured tummy muscles to die for, creating much envy amongst her colleagues. Post pregnancy meals…………….

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