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7 Secrets – Part 8

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7 secrets

7 Secrets – Part 7

7 secrets kate hudson

………………..saw her consuming smaller portions of high protein meals combined with serious exercise that included cardio workouts and weight training.   It worked!!

And then we have Christie Brinkley who is a straight out vegetarian.  Junk foods are off the list and are not visible at home at all.  She does have 7 secrets Christie Brinkleycravings and she likes to know that there is nothing kept around her that might make her succumb to a fall should the cravings happen when she is least prepared with the correct food groups within our 7 secrets reach.  Snacks include sweet potatoes which by the way are very good for people of my own race according to my doctor who advised me to maintain my Maori side of eating preferences rather than the food that my English heritage would provide.  Christies need to slim down fast is helped by a strictly liquid juice diet when this 7 secrets super model work becomes strict in an overly slim look required.  I guess this is why she has been in the limelight for such a long time as she continues to maintain those supermodel, all American good looks for which she is so famous.

7 Secrets Rachel Hunter7 secrets Rachel Hunter

And now for our very own 7 secrets Rachel Hunter, who was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and is also known throughout the world as an American model, actress and reality TV show host. Rachel has never too thin, and has always been famous for her voluptuous body.  Having children put the weight on, however, she did get it all off again……………..

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