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7 Secrets – Part 9

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7 Secrets – Part 9

………..eventually after a 4 to 5 year struggle with that last 10 pounds.  She is not known to do private training, and does not like 7 secrets Rachel Hunterlifting weights.  Pilates, hiking and biking are the 7 secrets choice of fitness past times for our Rachel. Sundays she eats what she likes because that is her roast dinner day, with Bread and cheese being her greatest weakness at any time of the week. Salads, fruit, chicken, good wholesome foods is what keeps that body in the shape that it is in. And le

Let’s Face Tt, At The Age Of 42 Our 7 Secrets Rachel Is Looking GOOD.

If you want to keep a celebrity type figure and body shape, then here are a few tips from a few of those 7 secrets gals that we look up to as role models.  At least you don’t have to put up with the pressure of severe and exacting routines and food plans that our seven “names” put up with 24/7 of their lives.

The odd snack you can keep, the drinking other than water can be consumed, the occasional 7 secrets chocolate lasagnedeparture from a meticulous exercise routine need not be worried about.  The 7 secrets celebrities are just ordinary people just like you and me.  So perhaps we could spare them some lengthening of rope when next we spy them at their next appearance and instead send them love rather than ridicule if they are not looking in peak condition for that brief moment of glory in their world.

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