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Ienv2 is shortly here told you ENV2 is just around the corner.  And here it is in a nutshell – just some of the features you will benefit from when you position yourself and click on the link below to have one of Empower Network’s websites.  Click here to position yourself.

Think of all the money you are going to save with ENV2 from not having to buy all those domains names.

Think of all the money you are going to save being with ENV2 from not having to find hosting for all those websites.

Think of all those passwords you are no longer going to have to remember or keep somewhere for all of those previous sites you have or had.

Realise the benefits of having a hand held device that you can work from anywhere in theenv2 the Morphit easy to bend tabs world.  Already The Morphit is looking greater and greater to have as an accessory to keep your hand held device looking and reading smart.

Maintain many blogs among many domains from only the one account and only the one login.

env2 fasterOther benefits as listed include:

  • Faster
  • Easier to use
  • Better design
  • Sychronise your computer and smartphone devices with the new mobile app
  • Record your audio or video and immediately upload and post
  • Sharing blog posts at the same time as recognizing the original authorenv2 protect content
  • Automatically link back to original blog posts and comments on all social media platforms
  • Protect your content with a paywall
  • build and manage your business directly from your handheld device.
  • Extensive training for new leaders, marketing and blogging, marketing
  • Immediate Support system
  • env2 email blastsEmail blasts
  • View all transactions and sales
  • Rolling out on Oct. 7.


Click here to position yourself.

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