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I Wanted To Be A Teacher

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I Wanted To Be A Teacher

  • I wanted To Be A TeacherWhen I was young everyone seemed to ask their young people “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My instant reaction was always that I wanted to be a teacher. Things never worked out for me to be one though, or so I thought.  I certainly did not join my friends who went to Teachers Training College when it was time, because I had been selected to spend a year on a scholarship in Los Alto, California at the age of 16 therefore I  spent my 17th birthday with my American Family Max and Ruth Moore, Greg, Cynthia, Victoria and Laura.  I still wanted to be a teacher.
  • Eventually the year where I was a VIP soon ended and I returned home to finish out my school year at Mana College in Porirua. My father thought I should get a job in a bank, probably because the bank manager was one of his regular customers and so he had a foot in the door for me at the time.  Still I wanted to be a teacher.
  • Life Was Passing Me By And Still I Wanted To Be A Teacher

  • I married, had children, owned several businesses. I still wanted to be a teacher.  And then I was converted to the Mormon faith where now I could be the teacher I had always wanted to be.  However, now that I have heard this talk by President Boyd K. Packer and watched I wanted to be a teacher  President Boyd K Packerhis video and listened to the audio, I realise that all along I have been a teacher.  When I was overseas I taught my fellow students things about New Zealand they didn’t know.  In the bank I taught others coming into the bank to take up my position when I eventually left.  When I married I was teaching my husband and my new family about how we did things in our house and then when the children came, I was teaching them how to grow from being little people into big people with responsibilities.  During the ownership of my several businesses, I was constantly teaching staff.There is so much in life that we take for granted and think we have missed out on, when really that is not the case. Take the time to reflect upon the choices you wanted to make, that you made and then realised you had accomplished after all.To learn more from President Boyd K Packer’s talk click here. 
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