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What is Gigatownporirua


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……….people came to get outsourcing work done for their office when they were overloaded.  I had a tiny little office amongst many for whom I was landlady for businesses that were starting out or needing a holding office for their own agencies.

And I started with huge machines that required heaps of space, with a chunky box for a telephone service that was rigged up by some post office employees who thought my ideas were good only no one knew how to implement stuff like that in those days. I often giggle now at how we managed by throwing switches at each end of the phone line, several miles apart just so someone could have a personal answering service – in fact that is how I met Keith, my husband.  Another story to be told down the track.

Now businesses can offer far better technology on a far grander scale in far grander surroundings with much flasher equipment and fancy machines, air conditioning and hoards of room.  The competition has been announced by our mayor. I have watched this young man enter into the fields of council business since when he was still a teenager and seen him come up through the ranks to his mayoralty. Who better to lead the charge than a young person with an entrepreneurial mindset that offers these budding youngsters someone to whom they can look up to for leadership and motivation.

Just because someone has access to Ultra Fast Broadband does not make them someone ……….
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