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Lorde – Royals

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Part 2

….. need for them to always be outdoing each others’ performances – predicts the lengths to which they would go to be far worse with their ‘Let’s keep up with the Joneses” mentality.   Lorde sees herself as someone teenage girls can look up to in the clean green images of the world.  It is a pity that other young stars in the limelight succumb to the adult fantasies of the world believing that that is the better way.  When really, they are just becoming disciples of that being who quickly drops that which he has tainted when their demise becomes apparent.

Her personal choice of the company with which she would like to hang around is also commendable with strong words against any adverse suggestions put to her by her manager.   Why does she need to keep such company when she is making it on her own anyway?  Adults should be put down for preying on their charges, suggesting such moves when they are really only playing to their own gross fantasies in their manipulation of the upcoming innocent young people.  

This time last year she was having fun at home with her local friends during exam break just eating cake, and talking Pokemon.  How far Lorde has come since those playful memories.

I pray that Lorde will remain strong to her personal convictions and not let the influences of the world ever change her and that she continues to make her family proud, as well as the citizens of New Zealand who follow her progress.

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