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#OneOfMyFavoriteMoviesIs – Part 2

The King And I

Click here to watch Part 1 of #OneOfMyFavoriteMoviesIs.

Part 2

………..Prime Minister of Siam.  The very first of many violations to a pre-employment contract is when Kralahome meets them at the boat to inform them they will be housed within the palace when she had only agreed to come if the lived outside of the palace walls. When she meets the King he is only too pleased to introduce her to his many wives and the 15 of his 67 children that she will tutor.  The head Wife is assisted by other favourites to help her unpack and they are of course very interested in how the British dress and act.  It turns out that one of the wives is in love with another young man which is discovered by the finding of a photograph of her late husband Tom. This of course ends tragically at the end of the film.

#OneOfMyFavoriteMoviesIs Among other things she teaches the virtues of home life to the children and then the King has his own questions about different interpretations from other cultures on certain aspects of life which he calls a puzzlement.  After showing the children a map of England they start to become unsettled because they cannot grasp the idea of snow. The acceptance of Slavery enters the scene when the King sees one of his wives with a copy of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  He likes to discuss the Bible with Anna during her free time, forcing her to sit on the floor during their discussions because no one’s head should be higher than his.  An idea to send male elephants to President Abraham…. Click here for part 3 of #OneOfMyFavoriteMoviesIs

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