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#YouKnowYoureAKiwiWhen – Part 2

New Zealand Icons

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Part 2

……..all the colours of sand you can ever think about.  In my case to see Paekakariki shorelines filthy with debris from a storm one day, then magically clean and off white the next.  Camping sites whether inside a camp or just on the side of the road – and the availability of every known camping accessory known to man.  I think of the bach on the remote beach of Akitio where I spent my honeymoon with my first husband, with its tank of water that spilled out green bugs when you opened up the taps in the kitchen – quite scary to a new 18 year old bride who had been brought up in pristine conditions all her life!!!

I see all the different shapes and sizes of barbecues that New Zealanders are famous for – no matter whether you are at home or away on holiday. And our “Yeah Right” Tui signs all along the road as you travel by car.  Wondering if that is an earthquake coming as you lay in bed listening to the train going by.  Our native animals and birds.  I recently wrote 2 books of our native birds and they are so plentiful where I live right now in amongst the native Pohutukawa, known as our New Zealand Christmas Tree, which hasn’t started flowering yet, and soon will. Huge icecreams that are generously and impossibly plonked into a cone for quick licking before the sun melts all that beautiful cool flavouring.

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