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Mosquitoes And Their Choice Of Victims – Part 2

A Home-Made Mosquito Trap

Click here to watch Part 1 of Mosquitoes And Their Choice Of Victims

Part 2

…………..as much.

Obese people get bitten more than underweight people so this confirms my reasoning that I must lose weight and QUICKLY – like within a few weeks before the mozzies really home in on our mobile home as a place for a tasty treat.

Pregnant women attract them due to higher body temperatures and CD emissions as well.  I am not pregnant so I cannot place the blame on that reason.

Tall people are more prone than short – whoever thought that one up is wrong as I am definitely not tall. Obviously my NZ mozzies cannot distinguish between tall and short.

Some say if you drink beer at barbecues then I will become a definite target.  Well I do neither so whoever dreamed that one up is wrong as well.  I drink water or orange juice and copious amounts of both at barbecues.  They still zero in on me.

What is the solution then?

After the rain I need to go around filling in the puddles left by the rain to make sure no insects can breed in the water.

Ask the horse owner next door have their horses been vaccinated for West Nile and a new strain of Eastern Equine Encephalitis. And if they haven’t then prod him until they are.  Because if a mosquito that carries the infection for either of these horrible diseases bites me, then my brain will swell and not just due to boasting about the number of books  I have up on Amazon in the …..Click here for part 3 of Mosquitoes And Their Choice Of Victims

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