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Here’s To A Happy New Year To All Reading My Blogs Part 2



Dubai New Years Eve Fireworks

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Part 2

………Janus, who was the god of gates, doors and beginnings.  Julius Caesar was venerated on the 1st January in the year 42BC by the Roman Senate to honour his life and to acknowledge the new calendar that he restructured 4 years prior to his death.  Janus was symbolized by his picture looking backwards as well as looking forwards, in effect having two faces.

It was when William the Conqueror began his reign of our mother country, England, that he commanded that the 1st of January be recognised to be the beginning of the New Year thus coinciding with his taking over the throne of England in celebration of his coronation and linking the occasion with the eighth day from the birth of Jesus as being the day of Jesus formal circumcision.

I personally think that New Year’s Eve has never been the same since 1999 when we were all awaiting the Y2K bug, when we all thought that computers would self-destruct with the change of the century.  However, we did all survive that moment in history when the clock struck 1 second past midnight and all of our fears were indeed groundless.  There was a lot of money made at the time by IT specialists who had contributed to new software programmes to help us through the transition should things go haywire, as predicted.  Noone knew what could or would happen and we were all pretty pleased that the world did not end at the beginning of 2000.

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