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What Do You Do When Someone You Love Suffers Sleep Apnoea

What Do You Do When Someone You Love Suffers Sleep Apnoea - obstructed airways

Above is a picture of physical obstruction of the air passages during sleep.

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Part 2

Apparently no matter what type of sleep apnoea one suffers, the sufferer is not usually aware they have a problem with difficult breathing, and just go through life accepting that sleepiness during the day, known as EDS or excessive daytime sleepiness, and experiencing fatigue or reduced alertness  in the day is just “normal”.  It is only when someone observes what is happening to the sufferer that the sufferer usually is made aware of their condition by the person observing the behaviour.  Other common symptoms include problems with vision, a slower than normal reaction time, memory retention and learning difficulties, some behavioural problems, planning and carrying out certain tasks, paying attention, processing information, lack of drive, lack of attention, moodiness and some aggression.  In some cases the sufferer may become fearful of the actual state of sleeping through a condition called sleep paralysis, therefore giving rise to insomnia, which sometimes is followed by depression.  All of these symptoms can lead to a problem with normal functioning of the liver- therefore it is important that if you have someone you love who you have observed with sleep apnoea breathing difficulties, it would be a  good idea to consult with a professional person to do something about the problem.  After observing our granddaughter, I would say that she suffers mild OSA which ranges from maybe 5 to 14.9 events every hour that she supposedly sleeps.  Moderate OSA would range from between 15 and 29.9 and very severe OSA would be diagnosed in a sufferer …….……… Click here to read Part 3 of What Do You Do When Someone You Love Suffers Sleep Apnoea

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