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Is Sign Language On Your List Of Learning Priorities – Part 2

Numbers In Sign Language

Click here to read Part 1 of Is Sign Language On Your List Of Learning Priorities

Part 2

……bothering to help their children to learn this important communication skill so their children will continue to live life suffering in great silence.

As a result, with this ignorance of something that would benefit their children, the Sign Language itself is experiencing a real shortage of teachers to help with the situation.  And that is very sad because every year the need for Sign Language teachers grows, and yet every year, the need is not being met simply through parents not encouraging their own children who have this problem to advance themselves in this field of knowledge.

In 2006, we had such an encouraging reaction to the law change.  However, enthusiasm since has dropped sharply.  Is our Kiwi “She’ll be right” attitude getting in the way.  When “She’ll be right” will never come right if something is not done about it in a practical way.

So long as there are deaf people or special needs in other areas people in our communities, sign language will not disappear as they need this amongst themselves to communicate with each other.  And we who do not have the need should be learning so that we can communicate with those with whom we meet in our business world who do suffer in this way.

Signing falls into the minority language category.  How does one communicate from generation to generation if signing is not learned and passed down?  It takes time to learn any other language and unless you have the support of the whole family, then it is difficult to use what you have…….Click here to read Part 3 of Is Sign Language On Your List Of Learning Priorities

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