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Lorde Met David Bowie And Was Awestruck

Lorde Met David Bowie And Was Awestruck - Lorde

Our own 17 year old Grammie-Nominee Lorde once more receives accolades from a big name in music to help encourage her to continue on the path that she has chosen to take her from relative obscurity in Auckland, New Zealand to one of the top singing stars of all time throughout the world. What an honour it was for her to meet and be told by no less than David Bowie himself that he was one of her fans and that he listened to her regularly.

As with all teenagers these days, the colourful language with which she describes her experience goes like this:  “I was like…I could creatively die and just be happy forever”.  Which interpreted means that she was totally enamoured of the attention and praise he gave her.

I am so happy for our Lorde who continues to stand up for what she believes should be her image in an industry whereby the adults who supposedly know better change innocence into porn through their greed almost overnight and lead the star of the moment into thinking that they are doing the right thing to keep up with what is happening in the world.

She has such a beautiful upbringing from parents who taught her to care, love and respect herself to the point whereby she protects beautiful moments in her own life with awe.  Her meeting with David Bowie is her own special moment and is something not to be shared with the general public and I respect her for that, ……Click here to read Part 2 of Lorde Met David Bowie And Was Awestruck

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