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Asking For That Which You Desire – Part 1

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Now that I have caught up with a few essential things since my holiday, I would like to follow on from our blog on Manifesting into your life that which you desire with this article I have been thinking about a lot over the past few days.  All of us who constantly work on this idea do not do this on our own if that is what you are thinking.  There is no need to go solo on this.  You have access to the most powerful source of information, creativity, intent, fulfillment, expectation – and I want to share this with you now, so that you KNOW that you have help that is readily available to you, if you but ask.

The Universe, God, the Source, whatever title you know this great power by is just waiting to help, if you but ask.  And asking is not hard.  It is simply a matter of you writing down what you want – like in a sentence or a page of goals.  What you commit to paper is written in another dimension that is close to us.

Be clear about what you want, decide what your part should be in its achievement, focus in on every detail, believe that you already have it, expect it, be grateful for it, do something knowing that it is yours without worry, fear or doubt. This commitment needs to be shown every single day until it has manifested itself into your life in the physical. Click here for Part 2 of Asking For That Which You Desire

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