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Asking For That Which You Desire – Part 3

How to Ask for What You Want

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……to happen for it to manifest in front of you. If it is something like a new car perhaps, think of all parts that make up the finished sample.  Think of all the people who make each and every individual part of that finished sample.  Think of the assembly plants for each component, think of the people needed to be working in those assembly plants.  Think of the designers of that car, think of the plans that need to be drawn, think of the particular colour you want and how that has to come about, think of the …..and the list goes on. If there is one small piece missing, no matter how delicate it may be – then that finished sample is always going to have a problem with its performance once it is delivered to you.

So when you ask, yes, there may be things that you desire that can happen almost overnight, however, some things you ask for may take some time to deliver to you exactly as you have written them down on that sheet of paper.

Never feel that your questions and pleas for help, your prayers are not answered.  They are always answered.  Some things just take a little bit more time than others.

Tomorrow we will begin to discuss the conscious effort needed on your part to bring about the life that you want.

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