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10 Sources Of Power To Help You Get What You Want – Part 1

Spiritual Fasting – A Secret Source of Power

In order to be in the now to create the type of life you want, it is important that you recognise 10 sources of power that will indeed help you get what you want into your life.

Source of Power Number 1

We have a power that is beyond our human understanding who is always there to help us get what we want so long as it is in our best interests.  This power thinks we are the best thing since sliced bread.  This power had much to do with sending you here to this earth to help make the world a better place.  This power lives within you and without you 24/7 whether you are aware of it or not.  This power wants us to have everything possible.  This power wants to be asked – wants to be included in the decisions we make – wants to help us in every way possible – we just have to believe that it is there.

Source of Power Number 2

Go forward with your thoughts rather than always looking over your shoulder at what has happened and what you no longer want.  Forget about that which you want to move away from.  Create positive directional points that will lead you to what you want to bring you the success that you desire.  See what you want in your mind.  See the points on your roadmap to success happening.  Make the visions in your mind perfect, well-defined, exact in their dimensions, colour(s) and shape; distinct, strong, vibrant and crystal clear. 

Source of Power Number 3

Sustain a condition of you enjoying the wealth, success and good fortune that you seek. Forget about not having.  Do not think about what you want not being in your life yet.  Do not impose any restrictions on what you want…….. Click here to read Part 2 of 10 Sources Of Power To Help You Get What You Want


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