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10 Sources Of Power To Help You Get What You Want Part 5

Cher – Believe

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Source of Power Number 9

The Universe will only too readily give more to you so that you can give more to someone else when they see your attitude.  Show the Universe that you are prepared to receive.  Show the Universe that you are keen to help.  Confirm to the Universe that you are ready to accept that which the Universe sees you are in readiness to receive.

Source of Power Number 10

What has happened in the past may continue to bring you feelings of regret and guilt.  You may be fearful of what the future brings.  What I advise you to be is in the NOW.  Be present in the NOW. NOW is when you can create everything you want.

NOW is when you are thinking thoughts of what you want.  NOW is your time to make improvements on what you have already.  What you have thought about in the past is now showing up in your life.  Do you like what you have now?  Of course you don’t.  That is why you are thinking about having something much greater.  And NOW is the time to be creating what you will have tomorrow.  Forget about the past.  Forget about the future.  Only think in the NOW and feel what you want into existence.  It does come easier as you let go of yesterday.  NOW you have the power to have all and everything that you can ever want, all you have to do is sit quietly and think about what it is you want from this point on.  And write it down.  And think some more. And read all of these 10 sources of power over and over until you know exactly what you should be thinking about to make your life a better life than what you have now.

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