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Unlimited Awareness

Unlimited Power with Tony Robbins

Have you ever reproached yourself for feeling inadequate compared to others in smarts, sexiness, conversation or wealth?

Lots of people experience this all the way through their lives and just feel stuck or bad and simply accept that this is part of the process of life.

However, because you are reading this I know that you already have the suspicion that You Are AMAZINGLY POWERFUL!

The more you become aware of this power within you, the more you realise that you are up to the task, simply because of that awareness, that education of mind.  It doesn’t matter what it is, or who they are.

When you listen to and use your time to carry out the I AM Effect, it is possible to experience many aha moments that confirm the progress that your mind is making in this personal growth of finding out who you are and how to control the power within.

Imagine to yourself the significance of sailing the ocean and the enormity of a 15,000 ton cruise ship floating on rough ocean seas, whereas a simple one half pound rock will drop straight to the bottom of the ocean.

The engineering that goes into every rivet, every join in such a vessel  – just to make that huge weight float when a rock will not has to touch your mind as to the concentration of power that is possible when that necessary thought has such focus upon it.  This is enlightenment.  This is the magic, the awe and the mystery of what is possible beyond extreme.

The results of tapping into the intelligence of divine design is UNLIMITED AWARENESS.

The gateway is called INTUITION.

It is there for each of us.

I continue to encourage you to find your power within and learn to control it so that when activated, your love, wealth, genius, sense of power, purpose and involvement in the world will never be the same.


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