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Should I Join A Free Safe List?

Should I  Join A Free Safe List?
free safe list

What is important to remember is that having one or being part of one, a Safe List is the way to
go.  There are many free safe lists.  Everyone has their own rules.  While free is okay to start with, upgrading is a better option normally because there are usually many more advantages to being part of a safe list when you actually raise yourself to a higher level within that site.  Freebies are great to get you into the store.  Look at all the specials advertised in the local rags for your local supermarket.

Bread at $1 a lBread 1 dollar a loafoaf – of course you will be in to get that, however, while you are inside the store, you do notice other things that you need on your inevitable journey up and down the aisles.  It is the same for a safe list site.  Freebies are offered, however, while you are there, you will notice that if you pay this much either as a monthly, annual or lifetime upgrade, you can then have access to better and far more services.

In saying that, there are many free safelists who will provide extras as well.  I’m just mentioning this here in my article because if you are or have ever been in business, you do not make money from giving everything away for free.  Your existence in business is shortened if you continue to have this attitude.  Therefore some means of making money has to be offered at some point in time.  By all means start out free, but then raise yourself up.

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