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Is It A Good Thing To Join Multiple Safe Lists?

 Is It A Good Thing To Join Multiple Safe Lists?

multiple safe lists

As I mentioned earlier, I do own 2 safe lists myself and they are really good sites attracting great people – some very well known experienced marketers from all over the world in fact.

I am also a member of multiple safe lists.  After all, I need my offers to be seen by as many people as I can and my RedStagMailer is still limited in numbers although we have grown  to more than 2200 members who are willing to receive  our mailouts just in the short space of time since we began.

Even with 2 sites though, it’s still not enough people reading what I have to offer. Therefore, its an easy choice to become part of multiple safe lists and mailers because it is all a numbers game.  We all know that no matter how many emails you send out, not everyone is going to read that email.  We are all guilty of not having the time, or worse still – choosing not to read all of our emails in our inbox, therefore the more you send out, the better odds you have of  being read.

Every day new safe lists are being created.  Every day I get offers from people wanting me to be part of their site simply because of the quick responsive growth we have shown with RedStagMailer.  It’s great to be part of other safe lists because we all have our own rules, you meet other great people, and the more sites you belong to, the more likely your response rate will be more positive.

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