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Organize and Manage All Your Safe Lists Part 1

Organize and Manage All Your Safe lists

Everyone organises and manages their safe lists differently .  Everyone has their own system.  Some people solely use digital records to keep themselves abreast  of the information needed to be able to use the different safe lists in an efficient way.  Others use a write it in the book method.  Using this system you would have a ring binder with dividers between fresh pages for each record you wish to keep.  You can get columned paper to put in your ring binder which would make the drawing of the columns easier for you.  Dividers could be set up as :

Name of siteOrganise and Manage All Your Safe Lists

Scheduled day be it hours, daily, etc.

Number of credits you have left

Max number of credits allowed per mailing

Date email sent

Using a Password manager would be a great help.  On my computer I have set all of my sites up in groups to allow me speed and efficiency.  And the logins are automatically set up so I don’t even have to think about it.  What I do at this point is select a group e.g. the group that allows me to post daily.  I then open them all up as tabs along the top. Depending on which group I am in, I could have maybe 20 tabs open at the same time.  Once they are all opened I make sure I am at the members area where I can send emails.   I have my email that I want to send out ready in a text file which I copy……..see part 2 tomorrow

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