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Direct Email Marketing Part 1

Direct Email Marketing Part 1

With every new direct email marketing campaign you come up with, the ability to add LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and FaceBook buttons to your advertising also allows all of the customers in receipt of your emails the opportunity to share what you are sending so easily.  Therefore, if coupons are part of what you are sending, then you automatically know that through the Me, Me, Me Generation they will surely be shared and very quickly. Updates are also easily accessible through their smartphones and tablets.  Today is the day for sending and sharing so make the most of it.

Because so much can be sent anywhere and everywhere all at the same time, some type of tracking tool needs to be used purely so that you can follow trends, progress, and demographics to name but a few.  The possibilities are endless. Why, just the creation, sending and management of all of this communication has to be exciting to you when you are at the beginning phases of your direct email marketing campaign. What better way to get feedback, than to actively encourage a two way interaction between you and your customers through surveys. What about emails that match your website?  Have you thought of that? Customising is 1 trend to follow – why, you can insert whatever you want – lines, tables, hyperlinks, images, all sorts of formatting features.  And this way you will be sure to maintain your brand, thus encouraging customer loyalty right from the start.

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