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Finding Antique Jewellery At Wholesale Prices

Finding Antique Jewellery At Wholesale Prices

I am not sure about you, but I love jewellery because of the extra “look” it can give you the wearer at any one time.   A matching set goes down very well with me – complete with rings, bracelets, neck pieces and sometimes even an anklet depending on the era of the jewellery that I am choosing to wear.

More recently I have had an inkling for antique jewellery having been left a couple of pieces as part of an inheritance from a past generation.  Now usually, a piece of antique jewellery is a valuable piece, depending on the stones used and the settings of the stones. Taking into account colours that make the visual highlight when one can see in their mind something that already matches what they have at home in the way of wardrobe attire.  Antique jewellery is usually a very valuable item and so when one is thinking of purchasing such pieces, prices tend to stretch themselves beyond the limits of the normal everyday fashion guru.

Because I loathe to spend huge amounts of money on accessories just for myself, I made it my business to see if antique jewellery could be brought at more reasonable prices such as wholesale for example.  When one knows the right questions to ask, then it becomes easier to look.  I had no contacts whatsoever in the jewellery lines, therefore I was starting from scratch into a niche that previous to receiving my inheritance I had no interest.

You would suppose that I naturally turned to some place like TradeMe here in New Zealand or even eBay which also seems to service the world. I had a sneaky suspicion though that  sellers using these mediums would be very aware of the value of the pieces they had in their hands, and therefore I suspected that prices would be quite high if I took more than a cursory look in their directions.

No, I had to find another source for wholesale priced antique jewellery and so I sat quietly and sent out vibrations into the universe as to where else could I look for success in my search.  What came back to me with ripples of time was an idea that was as old as the hills and not really considered something typical anymore in our modern day technology.

Newspapers.  That’s right. Newspapers.

Who looks in the newspapers much nowadays when you have it streamed into your living room or onto your cell phone through the waves of internet usage?  People who have antique jewellery would use this form of advertising because many of them grew up with it all because there was never another choice during their day.

So I looked in the newspapers because  I felt very strongly that  when people die they leave estates and what better place to find such items as antique jewellery than in an estate left by those who lived in the era of many antique jewellery pieces.  An estate is usually being sold buy a family glad to get rid of Grandma’s stuff or mother’s old stuff and generally couldn’t care about seeing value in what they are selling simply because it looks outdated to them.

Garage sales was my next choice because one man’s trash is always another man’s treasure and you would be quite surprised what you can find tucked into little boxes, forgotten pockets and other hidey holes at a garage sale.  People who hold garage sales are only trying to get rid of the old to bring in the new; are moving overseas; or have just cleaned out their attic – many reasons to sell things, but with no clue of value attached to much that they have on their display tables.

Both of these outlets could see one purchasing hundreds and thousands of dollars of antique jewellery for a mere pittance simply because the families involved are not interested.

I am an open case here, because when my 2 mothers died 40 years apart, along with my grandmothers, they all had treasures in their china cabinets worth a small fortune to the experienced eye, but to the family around me, all they wanted was to get rid of it all so they could sell the houses and get their share of the money.  Very sad days for me to look back upon, when I knew values, but without the storage facilities and neither the money to buy my siblings out, I had to watch them take away boxes of things to the likes of the Salvation Army and St Vincent De Pauls.  And of course my siblings being in that grieving, anger mode that seems to be common in family funerals, there was no reasoning to be had among them all to allow me to have it just to have.

Through my musing and asking the universe the right questions the Saturday morning treks became common for me in my search for pieces to indulge my new interest – that of antique jewellery.

There are secrets to buying something when you recognise values as you search the tables and eye something very special.  If you wish to get what you have found at a very more than reasonable price, then don’t for goodness sakes make a big show of it.  This will most certainly arouse the attention of the seller and before you know it the 5 cent item is suddenly a huge $50 item or more.  Remember that it is not your fault that they never bothered to get appraisals. And if you can get something off the table and into your car for $2 or less, then the luck of the Irish be with you my friend.

The next stop on your way home would be to a trusted jeweler who is willing to give you an honest appraisal.  You could turn out to be wrong, not all hunches are right, however, you could also be RIGHT and that hunch could be the beginnings of the making of a fortune for you.

Some antique jewellery pieces have valuable stones set in junk settings and the reverse.  So that is another avenue that you could think about.  Dismantling a piece of antique jewellery might also work for you – never discount anything.

Now I know it seems that I discouraged you from looking on TradeMe and eBay, however, they are also avenues to keep an interested eye on as well. Jewellery catalogues anywhere are what you need to be watching out for.  Even going to auctions to bid on something could prove to be an exciting adventure for you.

Searching for antique jewellery can become quite addictive and could lead you to many areas of the earth if that is what you decide to do as you journey along your path of life.

Another thing to watch out for are the rogue sellers.  It is also very easy to be caught up in your search only to be trampled on by a rather sneaky seller.  Escrow will help you on eBay.  Becoming familiar with the seller will help. Ask around to see if they have good reputations before sending your hard earned money across.

Doing your own research before any transaction will always be of good benefit to you.

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