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Jewellery Wholesalers

Dealing with Jewellery Wholesalers

Wholesale Jewellery dealers are human just like you,  therefore they love to talk to people about what they sell and are always willing to give you their time to give you avid descriptions of each of their pieces.  Pride and enthusiasm in one’s business is so important otherwise why would one be in business, therefore it would be a very unusual case to approach someone who has not the slightest interest in talking to you about what they have to sell.  I say this, because you do not want to feel timid in the initial approach if you are interested in what they have on display.

There is always the chance that they haven’t got everything with them, so this one on one conversation should also be taken as an opportunity to find out as much as you can about them, where they come from and their particular field of interest.  As with yourself, you may only be interested in antique jewellery, therefore your conversation may steer that way.  However, the merchant may have a particular interest in a certain stone or setting, therefore he would be only too willing to share that with you and perhaps guide you to another piece that you had never thought of before.

These conversations always help when they are two-sided, as both of you get satisfaction from the time being spent by either of you and makes for a more successful day for each of you at the end of the day.  In talking to a merchant they will be happy to discuss something along the lines of a bargain, however, their thoughts would probably steer more towards a bulk buy, rather than a single item, therefore you need to be aware that the lowest price to them may not be what you had in mind if you are after only one particular piece.  Everyone has to make a profit, therefore it would not be fair to try to bargain below wholesale prices for just one or two pieces.  Were you to be interested in several pieces, then a bargain could be reached given the mood of the merchant at the time, and your enthusiasm.

Being able to exam items with a magnifying glass would be acceptable when you are looking for quality jewelry.  After all, in the end it is your hard-earned money that is going to be handed over at the end of the day, therefore it would be very self-assuring if you know exactly what you are looking for in a piece, rather than just bumbling in, hoping what you are buying is the genuine thing.  Not great to find out down the road that you had been cheated in some way. When visiting these shows, some homework needs to have been done, because in the end you are looking for quality jewellery at a reasonable price.

By dealing with a wholesale merchant without the extra costs involved by the addition of a middleman, your spending should actually work out in your favour.  It is to  be hoped that the merchants you are dealing with are the wholesale jewellery dealer in person, however, sometimes this is not the case.  Some merchants do not make their own pieces and of course get them from other sources, therefore in knowing that, you will be aware that an extra cost has been added to each item so as to allow for profit to be made on the original purchase by the merchant from their own wholesale jewellery dealer person.

If you suspect that the person with whom you are dealing is not the manufacturer and therefore the source of the jewellery, then do some research and find out who might be behind the original transaction and establish a relationship with that person instead.  All relationships need to be kept up at all times, if you can see there would be an advantage to you in the future.  Therefore relationships with merchants is no different, and these types of relationships as with any formed, need time and trust.  Trust on the side of the merchant is that your credit remains good at all times.  Honesty goes a long way to forming a good relationship as well from both sides. Naturally as each of you get to know each other better, then better prices and deals will be the positive result at the end of the day and perhaps better credit terms.

All of us humans like to be treated well, therefore, be particular in your dealings with your merchants, so that there should never be a cause for deals and prices to go sour on you. And if you suspect foul play on the side of the wholesaler as to the honesty and authenticity of pieces you get from them, then the only other alternative is to find a new wholesale person with whom to transact.

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