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After Divorce, What Happens With The House

After Divorce, What Happens With The House

In all divorce situations, the house is a very important consideration because there are questions that need to be addressed by both sides.  Usually these questions should be put into the top priority file simply because if there are children involved, some sort of continuation of routine needs to be kept up. Everyone needs a roof over their heads and the children, if there are any involved, need to feel that security at this crucial stage of their young lives. Therefore decisions about the house have to be attended to as quickly as possible.

Divorce proceedings will ascertain what is going to be done with the house, therefore the more you can both talk about it beforehand, the quicker this issue can be settled.  If you were both lucky enough to have been the full owners of the house, then there are a few options that are available to you both.

  • ·       You can decide to sell it and split the profits.
  • ·       One of you can buy the other out of their half outright.
  • ·       One of you can just allow the other to have it either for a predetermined period or forever.

It is not an easy decision to make, therefore if you as a couple are still in the warring stages, then help from the court system is the best way to go.  This is only an option if there is no possibility whatsoever  for either of you to talk reasonably about what to do with the house.

Should you decide to want to keep the house, then you need to be sure of your financial obligations and commitments before making this momentous decision.  Always keep in mind that your income is going to be reduced to one income from this point on and so the things to think about are:

  • ·       monthly mortgage payments
  • ·       home maintenance costs
  • ·       insurance premiums
  • ·       property taxes
  • ·       utility bills

Another serious consideration on your part is – do you really want to stay in the area?  Do you want to stay in the same house? Is this where you want to be now that you are about to rebuild a new life for yourself? Are the emotions you are experiencing at the  moment tending toward spiteful or total need?

While the court system and professionals involved in that area know what they are doing, are they the most suitable people to truly determine your future as to what should happen to the house?

Let’s fact it, they have never lived there themselves.  They do not know the qualities of the house you have both shared.  They don’t really know what is involved with the upkeep emotionally, physically or financially.  It was not their money that got you both to this point where the house is involved. They have not been involved with the investment that has got you both this far.

There are personal questions that need answering as well – like is this where you want to live with all of those memories whether good or bad? Is this a house that has been passed down through the generations, therefore are your emotions highly charged concerning this particular house that might be clouding your judgment at the moment?  Are the children on the top of your list of priorities concerning this house? Do they want to stay where they have been growing up for the past few years and remain around the friends they know and trust? Is this where they feel loved and secure?

If you are the one who has to leave the house, then you need to be totally honest with yourself as to the liabilities and commitments you have already racked up in this investment that is now going to become part of your past.  If you decide to leave the house to your children and the other parent and there is still considerable money tied up in the mortgage repayments, can you be sure that your own credit rating will not suffer if, for some unknown reason, the remaining parent does not keep up the current and future payments?

Whether you live in the house or not, the bank or financial institution that you have the mortgage with will want their money on or before the due date every month.  If things are not going how they should with repayments, then how is this going to affect your own chances of starting again and being in a position at another stage to want to lend more money?

There may be a way whereby you can have your name extracted from the legal ownership documents.  That would help your future money lending agreements work out better for you. If you totally trust each other, then promises whether written or verbal can be undertaken, however, in my case I had a verbal agreement with my husband and as soon as he remarried, then he seemed to forget all of that and I was lumbered with financial obligations that I was not prepared for at the time, therefore I would seriously caution you here as to verbal agreements.  Everything you agree to should be put in writing and submitted to legal professionals for endorsement.

Self protection is what needs to be considered at all times.  Protection from further emotional trauma; protection from further financial disaster; protection from further physical harm; protection for peace of mind.

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Wholesale Jewellery – Diamonds

Wholesale Jewellery – Diamonds

At some time during your new career, there will be a call for you to make a piece of jewellery that will include a diamond.  And if you think that buying a diamond is just the same process as buying any other bauble, then you have another think coming because that is entirely the wrong attitude towards the most precious jewel of all and that is our Diamond.

Far more thought and time needs to go into the purchase of a Diamond because no matter what you think, Diamonds are certainly forever.  They are highly prized and even though they are being replaced by synthetic diamonds more often than not nowadays, the genuine article will never be outlived by any other piece of jewellery I can assure you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the jewellery pieces that bear your brand name could come into the Diamond forever lasting category?  Well they can, if you take particular care in your designs and when putting them together.  Why shouldn’t your brand name be known forever if you have put your heart and soul into something that could very well last beyond your lifetime.

The beauty of a Diamond is not matched anywhere in the range of gems that are known to mankind.  Therefore because of its importance there are four very important items to consider when purchasing a Diamond for your collection.

  • ·       Cut
  • ·       Clarity
  • ·       Color
  • ·       Carat weight

It is very necessary when you have an order for a piece that must include a Diamond that beauty is at the foremost of your mind in the design you are considering.  The stone should be the centerpiece of the finished item, but not in an overpowering manner, being set to be in harmony with what you have in the entire setting.


Now when I talk about the cut of a diamond – I am not referring to the shape at all.  What the Cut means is the quality of the cut, the style or design guide used in reference to its symmetry, the proportioning of it in all facets and the actual polish of the Diamond. This all affects the brilliance of the stone. The shape is actually only an afterthought in the entire process.


If you don’t know much about Diamonds, then they are a natural stone found deep in the earth and have been formed as a result of a carbon that has undergone huge pressure and incredible heat in its natural state hidden in the depths of the earth in various locations throughout our world. Through these natural processes that take many, many years to complete, a diamond will develop internal physiognomies called inclusions and external physiognomies known as blemishes. When someone is called upon to evaluate the clarity of a diamond, what is considered in this process is the number, the size, the relief, the nature and the position of these physiognomies, and what effect they have on the overall brilliance of the stone.  There has never been an entirely pure diamond, however, the value of one is determined on how close to purity it can be assessed. Once a flawless diamond is found – then the value is astronomical.


A very pure Diamond will be completely transparent, however, I doubt that you would be considering one of those for your jewellery manufacturing business.  Most white diamonds could have a yellowish hue and are affordable for what you are doing, whereas the pink or blue diamonds carry far more value. A red diamond would be the ultimate but they are very, very rare. Be wary if someone tries to sell you a ‘blue white’ diamond as these are the most inferior of the range and are to be avoided as they will not enhance your business in any way.

Carat Weight

A carat is equal to 0.2 grams which would be an equivalent weight to a paperclip.  Your customer will be most interested in this aspect of their Diamond and they always come with a certificate which you need to get from the company from which you are purchasing your Diamond, so that you can hand it on to your customer who will be expecting it.  If the company with whom you are dealing does not offer that certificate then walk away from them as their product is not a genuine article.

Now that you have learned a bit more about Diamonds which you will find in more depth in my book on actual diamonds themselves, it will be obvious to you that Diamonds are not only precious because of their value, size and appearance, the very name also holds special significance in someone’s heart.

Their forever significance is what makes them special.  They are most the most resilient and indestructible stone ever to exist on or under the earth.

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