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7 Secrets – Part 1

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7 secrets

7 Secrets – Part 1

I am wondering if life would be worth living when you are out in the world’s attention 24/7.  All that care and detail to every little hair on your head: whether you should keep it long so that it flies away in the wind or short and cropped to hide your face sometimes.  What about your 7 secrets makeup – “Eye shadow darling?”  What colour? How much? Cream or powder?  Those paparazzi have such powerful lenses on their cameras that see EVERYTHING!! Pouty lips with colour, sheen or nothing at all?  Hair problem above the lip and on the chin?  Have to whisk those out quickly.  Cheek 7 secrets celebritiesbones, accentuated?  Dimples left in? Eyebrows – bushy or thin; curved to sculptured?  Earrings or not? How many earrings and should they match?  Face jewellery – in or out of fashion?  7 Secrets Tongue piercing – yes or no? Should your ears be showing or hiding?  Hat or no hat?  Scarf or no scarf? Teeth – white – too much or not enough? Jaw shape – square, round, cheeky – you name it they can give it to you.

And this is just your head we are talking about here!!!!

7 Secrets – And The Rest

Let’s face it.  When you are in the limelight – you are on stage 24/7.  7 secrets papparazziThe cameras are everywhere, be they paparazzi or just private people taking the opportunity while they can. Your career depends solely on what you look like, anytime of the day, wherever you find yourself, casual or topline. The tongues are going to wag about your 7 secrets no matter what you are doing………………


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Chapter headings to help you are: Laughter, Being Grateful, Relationship Advice, Musing, Get outdoors, Reach Out And Touch Someone, Exercise, Go Challenge Yourself, Being An Optimist, Practice, Practice, Practice, The Importance Of Sleep.
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