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7 Secrets – Part 2

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7 secrets

7 Secrets – Part 2

……….who you are with, where you are going or have been, whether you are eating, sleeping, sitting, walking, running, talking standing up or sitting down, reading, keeping to your own business…………the list grows.

There is no time for 7 secrets when taking a quick nap under a convenient tree.  You can’t be seen in the wrong company.  You can’t be seen shopping in the wrong shop.  Forgetting your PIN number in the shop or at the ATM is not appropriate.  Not showing enough care, attention or vigour 7 secrets nap under treeto keeping up with performance targets is not good enough to keep your 7 secrets either.  Busy, not busy enough.  Moving fast, or slow and why? Clothes loose or tight fitting and why?  Doing good deeds or not doing them and why? Showing neglect and why? Avoiding the public and why? Looking not happy and why? Eyes tearing up and why? Heaps of questions, heaps of intrusions.  7 secrets has no privacy whatsoever.  You belong to the public and that is what you have chosen to do when you become categorized as a Celebrity.

Everything “Right” for 7 Secrets

Let’s face it, they look gorgeous out there with their suntans, their right clothes, their right shoes, their right jewellery, their right hair, their 7 secrets right makeupright makeup, their right partners, their right accessories.  Film, television, red carpet appearances, Award nights or afternoons, premiers, the public just love to see them and make special people of them.  The effort to maintain this status is not something to be envied though. Once they have hit the top spot, the money needed to maintain that image must be colossal…………………


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